I Forgot About That.

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Zak, also known as Skeppy by his fans, woke up to his phone crazily vibrating. He checked his phone, "46 messages from BadBoyHalo" and "13 missed calls from BadBoyHalo". He took his phone and texted BadBoyHalo- also known as Darryl,
Sent at 8:14 "Hey, what's up?".
Darryl replied within seconds.
Sent at 8:14 "get on TeamSpeak, and on MunchyMC!"
Zak got very confused, and texted back while wondering what he did
Sent at 8:14 "I just woke up, I need to start my PC".
He got up and went to start his PC.
Sent at 8:14 "Get on right now Skeppy!"
Sent at 8:14 "You have to explain this!"
Zak got on TeamSpeak and Darryl went to his TS channel.
User has been moved to your channel

Zak asked "So, what is it?"
"You know what you did!" Darryl said like it was very obvious what he did.
"Just get on Munchy!"
"Jee, okay okay, I'm-" *yawn* "..going there." Zak said while yawning in the middle of the sentence.
Zak turned on Minecraft and got onto Munchy, looking around and everywhere were his popular memes. Pinecones, 14, ping spoofing, cheese fries and other kinds of memes that came from Skeppy's channel.

Zak whispered to himself "I forgot about th-" before getting cut off by Darryl yelling at him telling him to fix it. Since Zak found it annoying that Darryl has been yelling at him for now the past minute. "I don't have a backup though" Zak says. "WhAt dO yOu mEaN yOu dOn'T hAvE a bAckUp?" Darryl started to panic. "Skeppy don't tell me you did this without getting a backup!" "Oh, maybe I did, what are you gonna do bout it?" Zak started being annoying and saying everything in an annoying tone.
"Oh my goodness Skeppy!" Darryl started yelling at him to fix it, again.
Zak just said "you can't make me! I don't have the backup either!"
"I'll just have to ban you then!"
"Wait no-" Zak said before immediately getting banned for "."
"I have the backup, and you can't make me put it back!" Zak started laughing.
"SkEpPy oH mY gOoDNeSs-" Darryl said, before immediately unbanning him.
"Okay okay, I'll do it." Zak said.
"Really?" Asked Darryl.
"No." Said Zak and started laughing again.

Darryl slammed his head on his table and started mumbling stuff.
"You okay there?" Zak asked.
"UgHhHhH" Darryl mumbled.
Zak put the spawn back.
"Okay I repaired it, I'm going to sleep again." Zak said.
"Finally!" Darryl was very happy about getting his spawn back, again.
Zak just got off of his chair, got into his bed and slept again, without hanging up.
Darryl just shrugged and thought to himself "I should start the stream" and so he started the stream.

After some time of Darryl streaming, the viewers started questioning the background noise, Darryl looked around and found nothing that could've made the noise. When he got done looking around he checked his computer, sure enough, he checked TeamSpeak, and there it was, Skeppy still in the call, snoring.

"Oh my goodness Skeppy-"

Darryl looked at his screen, to his surprise, he was muted, so he unmuted himself.

And there it was, a donation.

*Donation sound*

Skeppy wake up 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰

Before the donation ended, Zak woke up and yawned. "Mghhh… what…???"

And another donation.

*Donation sound*

Wake up Muffin

Zak was confused, forgetting he didn't end the call. "What the…???"

Darryl didn't say anything.

Zak walked over to his computer and noticed he hadn't ended the call. "Seriously?"

Darryl just told him "you were snoring half of the stream"

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