Chapter 1

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The sound reviberated sluggishly through my head.

"Luc?" I gasped out in shock. I turned my head left and right peering into the dark trying to locate him.

You're hurting!

Oh my god. He felt me. I scrambled for my car keys still stuck in the ignition and hauled ass out of there. I knew it was too late. He'd already felt me. He was getting stronger. Either that or he's drunk from me one time too many. It was probably both.

I drove on putting pedal to the metal, I let the car speed down the road.


I ignored Lucian's fading pleas. I couldn't. I couldn't face him yet. I raced on heading for home knowing that he would come. He always did. But he couldn't yet. He would need to get over the euphoria of having just fed. It should be fading away soon. I was running out of time.

I felt my heart beat  jump as I took a sharp turn and fish tailed it out of there. A short while later I was turning into the public car park. I drove up to my usual slot and slipped my car into its spot. Switching off its engine I hurried out as quick as I could needing to get in doors before he got here.

I took the spindly and creeky old stairs with a speed I didn't know I was capable of and then I was there slipping my keys into the many knobs and bolts that ran across my door.

I swept in then repeated the process this time from the inside. My breath coming out in the chilled air in small panths I tried to calm myself and think. I took a few steps back eyeing the closed door. I have never had to barr it against Lucian before so I couldn't tell if it would work.

I hesitantly turned my back on it rushed off to grab a glass of hydralite. I needed to top up my fluids. I gulped down a full glass then filled up for another round. Deciding to take my vitamins I popped open the bottles lined along the counter top, iron, calcium, all the necessary vitamins and minerals I downed daily. I was not a health freak but I was consuming for two. I wasn't really sure how this blood sharing worked. I didn't know if mine was enough to sustain him so I did all I could to ensure I had all the nourishment we both would need.

The door rattled jerking my attention back to present. My glass slipped from my lax grip and shattered. I let out a whisper of a cry unable to contain my distress.

Then the wild winds of the out doors were rushing in towards me bring in with it the most delicious scent. A fragrance of sheer pleasure that I reeled from that first whiff like always needing to aclimatise to his presence just as he had to aclimatise to mine. Only our motivations were different. Mine was pure lust and his was undiluted hunger... for my blood.

"You make me so...."

I looked into his crazed eyes and said the only thing that came to mind," Angry?"

He gripped my shoulders and shook me. I rattled like the skin and bones I was. Even my teeth chattered. I looked at him in awe. In the past three years I have never seen him like this before. Never before had he raised a hand at me in anger. Not even to shake me as he did now.

"Don't you ever run from me again," he whispered softly on a steely note that shook me to the core.

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