Chapter 2- False Lobotomy

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The humanoid had said number 4 would be next.

Don't look up, pleaded my mind, but I couldn't help myself. My eyes slowly moved skyward. Beside the dangling plaque above me was a number. 4!

My body shook like never before. This couldn't be reality, not the reality of the world I grew up in, with its lush green forests and brick houses. I blinked, praying this was only a dream. Nope: the cages remained, the still grinning woman staring right at me.

I wanted to scream. Truly. A primal part of my being screamed for release from these cutting shackles. I didn't want to die! I had so much yet that I'd wanted to see and do: travel the world, write a book, settle down and have a family. But there was nothing I could do here. I knew that if I made a sound, I'd suffer the same fate as the eerily grinning, lobotomised woman.

Think, what did my fellow captives say?

Quiet- best to wait and try to learn what you can.

That's it- it's the only way.

A sudden realization dawned on me: I had no idea if it would work but I had to try.

As the familiar clanking sounded once more, I leaned toward the bloodied corpse in my cell. Holding my breath and trying not to retch, I rubbed my forefinger in the gelatinous blood on its forehead and rubbed it across the centre of my own.

The looming shadow of the humanoid was nearing.

Show time.

I hoped my plan would work and with a last look at the grinning woman across the room, I closed my eyes and allowed my body to lol forward.

Clank, clank. Pause.

'Number 4.' The eerie voice paused, as if assessing my current state. The strange beeping sounded but this time, there was no whirring of the metal spike. Instead, static sounded through the being's vocals, as if conversing through an old walkie talkie.

'Number 4 is already neutralized?' it asked some unseen humanoid colleague.

I couldn't hear a response but remained as still as I could, eyes screwed shut.

A few more beeps and the humanoid spoke again in its dull, monotone voice.

'Agreed. Number 4 is neutralized.'

Clank, clank.

The being drew close: I was certain they were hovering right over me. They had no breath like a typical human. If anything, their presence felt cool, like what one might experience in a ghost's presence.

So cold, I thought, so cold.


The humanoid clanked away from my cage, slamming the door shut as it stalked away. I didn't have to open my eyes to know that my chains had just been severed.


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