━━ ゚⋆ lisa x roy fight (2017)

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A/n: hee hee if you know, then you know

ೃ⁀➷ " LISA, SWEETIE,.."

The awards show was finally over, which met Roy and the boys could leave

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The awards show was finally over, which met Roy and the boys could leave. She made her way out, wearing her overly expensive dress and heels.
The lines were long to exit, and Roy had already had enough. "Jin, do you know what the hell is taking so long?" She asked the oldest, clearly in a rush.

"Roy just chill out.." Jin told her, brushing her impatientness off.  It didn't help that the person behind Roy, who was Lisa, kept bumping into her. "Yah! Excuse me, can you cut that out" Roy snapped at her.

Lisa sent Roy a 'who do you think your talking to' look. Hoseok saw their interaction and tried to step between Roy and Lisa, as he knew how Roy could get. Time went by, and the line was still long, and Lisa still was bumping into, the now angry Roy.

"Lisa, sweetie," Roy began, "I told you like a million times to stop bumping into me.."  Roy said, to which Lisa replied with, "And?". Roy made a face before speaking, "and its pissing me off now.." Roy informed Lisa.

"Sounds like a you problem, yikes" Lisa said smartly. That's when things took a turn for the worst, and they began arguing loudly with each other. The boys and the rest of blackpink tried to hush them, to avoid  what would happen next.

That's when it happened. Lisa has pushed Roy out of her face, and Roy, being Roy, pushed Lisa back, which started the physical fight. The girls where fighting in their heels and dresses, which made it all the more interesting.

Now, everyone's attention was on the two fighting girls. Security ran over, trying to break the two up, but if bts + the rest of black couldn't break them up, then security wouldn't have much luck either.

It's safe to say the cops where called, which made the girls part, so the police wouldn't see them in such a state. Roy was removed from the scenes, and sent home with the rest of the boys.

Roy sat in the car as she looked at the news being leaked on social media. "You guys beat each other's asses..." Jungkook said, "Jungkook, not the time." Roy informed him.

After they arrived home, from the long hourly car ride, Roy revived a text from no other then Lisa. Roy wasn't the type to hold grudges so she opened it. It turned out that Lisa was apologizing to Roy, in which Roy of course accepted and said her apologies as well.

Lisa offed to meet up in person, so they could apologize in person, to which Roy of course agreed.

And that's the story of how Roy and Lisa got into a fight.

A/n: As I said, if you know, you know. Ksksksk I saw that some people where asking for this chapter so here you go. This was actually so stupid I'm screaming. I just want to say, that this is obviously fictional and I know Lisa is such a sweetheart irl! So don't attack me sksskks smh

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