Chapter 28: Lucy's P.O.V

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-Yes! I made three chapters in one night! Hope you enjoy Chapter 27!-


<><><>The Next Morning<><><>

Normal P.O.V

As usual, Natsu climbed through Lucy's window, but when he reached the bed Lucy wasn't there.

Did she already wake up?  He thought.

The pink (SALMON!!!) haired male started to search all the rooms in the house.

When he walked downstairs, he was met with the same body pillow that he gave Lucy yesterday.

"I ama going to steal your soula!" A voice came from behind the pillow talking in a HORRIBLE Italian accent.

Natsu grabbed the top of the pillow down to reveal the hiding blonde.

"Well you're no fun..." The female pouted.

"No, you're just bad at it." He chuckled "This is how you do it!" 

He grabs the pillow and hides behind it. "Where are my fish, mate? I was gonna eat those! Guess I'll just eat you instead, ight!" He says in an equally bad Australian accent and shoves the pillow in her face pulling back and whacking her more "NOM NOM NOM!!"

"AH! N-Natsu, stop it!" Lucy laughs.

"YOU NOT AS TASTY AS FISH, BUT WILL DO!!" He says in a completely different accent, that was unrecognizable.

He continued to hit her with the pillow until she decided to make her move. She jumped up and tackled the male to the ground.

"Gotcha!" She yelled triumphantly with a huge smile.

"Are you suuure~?" Natsu smirks, causing Lucy to look at him questioningly. 

He reaches his hands up to the blonde mage's sides and starts tickling the young female.

"AaHaHhAahHAhaHa, nooo-aHAhHaAha, N-NATSU!! S-S-STO-O-P!!!!!" Lucy yells, trying her best to get the older male off of her but ultimately, failing.

A few minutes later Natsu finally gets off of Lucy. "THANK MAVIS!!" She exclaimed then glared at Natsu. 

She was about to attack him when he held his finger up. "It's 6:35" He stated, which was enough to get the blonde to freeze and immediately freak out.

"WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! IT CAN'T BE THAT LATE YET!! NOOO!! HOW DO YOU STOP TIME?! YOU'RE SMART FIGURE IT OUT IN THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!" She yelled, grabbing Natsu's shoulders and shaking him rapidly.

<><><>After They Were Late<><><>

Natsu was heading to the cafeteria to go have lunch with his friends, as usual when a hand stops him.

"Hey Natsu, would you mind eating lunch with me outside today? I kinda wanted to talk..." Lucy asked. 

"Yeah, sure." He answered and followed the blonde as they made their way outside.

They sat down under a tree for shade and got their lunches out. "So, what did you want to talk about?" Natsu asks as Lucy takes a bite of her carrot.

"Oh, I really just wanted to have lunch away from the girls. I love them to death but they can be a little...much..." Lucy explains, taking another bite of her carrot.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. They're not ones to respect personal space that's for sure." Natsu agrees. " was your date with Sting yesterday?"

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