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Hi all!

In this book I'd like to share my reviews of the fanfictions I came across on this website. Since I'm a professional Dutch editor, published author and book reviewer I have some experience in the world of books and hopefully my expertise will give you some insight in the fanfictions that might or might not be interesting for you.

Since English isn't my native language there might be some spelling errors or weird sentences; I'm doing the best I can but I'm sure you'll notice while reading. 😊

These reviews are mainly meant for readers which means they will be spoiler-free and don't criticize the books in depth. They give a brief overview of the book and reflect on aspects like writing style, originality, character development, flow and tension and believability.


I restrict my reviews to fanfictions about tv shows and movies and not actual persons. Also, I don't read reader/character stories and I won't review one shot collections.


I'm open to requests but I can't make any promises since my reading time is limited. Now and then I'll pick one of them, so if you are patient there's a big chance I'll pick up your story one day. 😉 Of course the reviews are for free, but following my profile and taking a look at my stories in return is very appreciated. I'll be honest: I'm more inclined to review the work of people I've interacted with than complete strangers who just drop the link of their story here and are never to be seen again. 😊

To be able to write a good review I'd like to read stories with at least 20 chapters, unless your story is shorter but finished. If you want to file a request, please fill in this form:

Link to your fanfiction:
Short summary:
Amount of chapters:

Happy reading! The first review will be up later today/tomorrow. (: 

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