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Hello y'all just a warning ⚠️
Smut will be in this chapter. I did state in the description that i will have some mature scenes but i understand if you're not comfortable with it. Before it gets too steamy I will put a small warning then you can continue or skip whatever is more comfortable for you. You will not miss anything important and if you do I'll do a little summary at the beginning of chapter 11. Thank you for reading, I haven't done smut in a while so I hope it's good! Please comment and let me know!

"Quiero ser un cilantro para poder mantenerme en tu sonrisa." I said and Zabdiel started laughing. I smiled and I giggled as he covered his mouth to control his laughter, "Eso fue perfecto." He said between laughs. We were walking around a bit hand in hand and we started telling each other funny pick up lines. I turned to look at where we stopped and I saw that it was a book store. "Zab can we check this out?" I asked, he looked up and nodded.

I pulled him inside to the small bookstore, I immediately went to the cooking section. I'm not Puerto Rican and I feel bad that Zab has to deal with my Mexican food, I also make different kinds other than Mexican but i think he'll really like it if I learned to make some Puerto Rican food. "This is amazing, my mom used to make this all the time." Zabdiel said as I looked at the cover of a random one I found, I checked to see if the recipe was inside and i decided to get it. I walked around a bit more and I found an interesting looking mystery book, as well as a cute romance book. Zabdiel was looking at a magazine that had cars on the cover, I walked to him and he looked up. "Zabdiel can i get these?" I asked, he looked at them and nodded. "Sure why not." He shrugged and we went to pay. The nice old man gave us the paper bag with the books inside. "Thank you, Zabdiel." I told him as I hugged the paper bag against my chest. "No problem princesa." He said and I couldn't detain my smile. I fall for him harder every single day. We continued to talk until we got to the middle of a stone bridge, I was barley tall enough to look over the water. We saw the little sail boats return to the docks.

I was a little cold and neither of us brought a sweater, I managed to hug him and rest my head on his chest as we saw the sunset go behind the ocean. "Can i kiss you?" I broke the confortable silence. "You don't have to ask, muñeca." He told me with a small smile. I looked up and I frown, "But you're too tall, i can only reach your chin if I try to kiss you." I told him, "No I'm pretty sure you can reach." He teased, i got on my toes and I managed to kiss his jawline. "I guess that's all the kisses you're getting, I told you I couldn't reach." I said, he squeezed me a little, "But i want more kisses." He frowned and leaned his head against mine. I moved my arms so they can go behind his neck. "Kiss me then." I smirked, he got closer and I closed my eyes. His lips touched mine and I felt my body shiver, I love this so much. I love everything, his touch, his smell, his smile, his hair, his charisma. Everything. It was a long and sweet kiss, before I knew it we separated and I kissed the side of his beautiful jaw before he walked hand in hand back to the car. Today was perfect and I don't want us to change.

When we arrived home I was a little tired. I grabbed my books and I put them in the small book shelf in the living room. Zabdiel had to answer a work call this late but I just shrugged it off. I understand he is a very busy man, the dogs have been sleeping in the living room lately I think they're tired of Zabdiel's accidental kicks. He can't help that he's too tall.

I grabbed Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone and I made my way upstairs. I changed out of my small white dress to Zabdiel's random shirt and some shorts and I took off my makeup. I removed my hair from my ponytail and I let my long hair be free. I layed on my stomach on the bed on top of the blankets as I continued to read where I left off, I don't know if it's just me but I think Harry Potter is more dramatic in Spanish than in English.

I heard Zabdiel yell and curse to whoever was on the phone. I sigh as I sat up in the middle of the bed, I heard his foot steps come closer to the room and he opened the door and walked in. He paced back and forth with his hand covering his mouth. I thought something bad happened, "Zabdiel, come here what's wrong?" I asked, he wouldn't budge. I stood up and I pulled him to the bed, "Come on, you can tell me what happened. If you don't want to tell me that's fine." I told him, I stood in front of him. I was no longer going on the bed. "Joel got caught, again." He said as his hands turned into a fist. I went on my knees and I grabbed his large hands with my small ones, He looked like he was going to kill someone, I'm the only one here and I don't want to be next. "Look at me Zabdiel." I said and he looked at me. "I know this may be very upsetting but getting upset is going to make you sick." I told him, "Upset?! I am more than upset I'm furious! That son of is bitch is lucky that I'm still here and not on a plane to Miami. I want to kill that fucker!" He said angrily. "Zabdiel, please. Just breathe in." I said as I demonstrated, "Then breathe out." I said as I breathed out. He copied my actions with a mood but he somehow managed to calm down. That's all that matters. "You're fine." I told him and I unbuttoned his shirt. I was legit undressing him because he is so upset and he can't do it himself.