Izuku Quirk

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This is what Izuku's quirk is before getting One for All. Also he kept it a secret from everyone even his mom.

Quirk name: Heal Plus
Description: Has more than the healing part for this quirk it is actually multiple quirks in it.

Quirk: Heal
Description: This quirk can heal himself and others. It is so strong for healing this quirk can make dead people alive.
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: Force Field
Description: He can protect himself and others even can put it as close to skin whenever he likes.
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: Lightbeam
Description: It can hurt or burn enemy and can be like chaining them.
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: Cancellation
Description: He can make quirk cancellation items to cancel someones quirk out of thin air.
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: transformation
Description: He can transform into any living thing and anyone he wants.
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: teleportation
Description: It can be in portal form like Kurogiri portal but color is golden with black sparkles or by self or/and with one other person can use without portal.
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: communicateion
Description: He can communicate with someone through his mind with others mind and through technology with his mind.
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: elements
Description: He has the elements fire, water, ice, wind, earth, lightning, ect. The elements can also come in thin air from any part of his body.
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: dream
Description: can put people to sleep and give or take their dream
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: Edit
Description: can make every quirk have drawbacks or not
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: Wings
Description: he has wings in his back that he can make dissapear and reappear
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: Pregnant
Description: He can see with a little screen thing if he is pregnant or not same with the genders if he is pregnant and how many.
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: cupid
Description: He can make two people fall in love with eachother as long as they see eachother once they wake up
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: invisibility
Description: can make himself invisible and visible and other people and yes he can cancel Toru's quirk with this.
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: transfer
Description: He can transfer quirks with one he made for someone to have
Drawbacks: none

Quirk: Gain
Description: he can create a quirk as long as he gives it to someone otherwise it will disappear.
Drawbacks: none

Well that is all of his quirks in Heal Plus.

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