chapter thirteen

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"Don't be a drama queen," I tease, "eat it," 

He looks at me with mock horror as he brings the pineapple covered pizza slice to his lips, and with the most dramatic groan I've ever heard, he takes a bite. I lean forward on the bed and pull my bottom lip between my teeth as I wait for him to unscrunch his eyes and swallow the bite. When his green eyes finally open, they meet mine and he considers me for a moment before shrugging nonchalantly.

"Okay, so it's not terrible,"

"What was that?" I lean toward him and cup my hand behind my ear, the smug smile growing on my lips.

He rolls his eyes, but his dimple betrays him, followed by the smile that he was trying to hold back.

I sit back on the mattress and close the nearly empty box of pineapple pizza. There's a few pieces left, which I'd be willing to bet that he's going to eat tomorrow now that he's had a taste of the pineapple goodness.

Wiping my hands clean on a napkin I glance down at the notebook in front of me, half of the questions have already been filled out since we did a quick-fire Q&A through dinner. I kept to the easy questions which he answered pretty well.

I look up as he pops off the top of one of the beers he brought from the kitchen. I opted for a water bottle but when his eyes flick up to mine he raises a brow and extends the bottle in question.

The last thing I should be doing right now is drinking with Tristan but every time I look at him a flash of our bathroom encounter plays in my mind, so I really could use the buzz to relax.

The beer is definitely better than whatever we were drinking at the bar last week, but it's still beer, so I take a few long sips of it and try not to focus too much on the terrible after taste.

The sound of another bottle cap popping off pulls my attention back to Tristan who's taking a long sip of his own beer.

His eyes seem to have lost some of the humor and I can tell the taste of the beer has brought back his own bathroom memories because he's now clearing his throat as he rubs the back of his neck.

This is what I didn't want. The awkward after. I can't seem to process the fact that the boy sitting across from me has not only seen me completely naked, but has touched, and kissed, and explored me in ways that no one else has before.

The thought makes my face burn and I look away, allowing my hair to fall from behind my ears, shading my face slightly from his gaze.

He clears his throat and I glance back over at him.

"Why don't we make the rest of this a less formal interview," he offers, "we could make it into a sort of game--more laid back and fun,"

I raise a brow and smile at his clear attempt to make me feel more comfortable.

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