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"Ladies! We have visitors!" Ms. Frost shouted merrily to us. I rolled my eyes, what's the point in been happy? They won't choose me anyway... They always pick the prettier ones... The ones with talent. Unlike me. Plain old me...

Hi, my names Taylor. I don't know my last name. I'm eight years old. I have dark brown hair which stops about mid back. I hate having my hair cut.... I have deep blue eyes and a side fringe which covers my right eye.

I'm an orphan. My parents died when I was little and I was taken to this orphanage. I never get adopted. I'm not good enough apparently...

"Taylor! That means you need to get out of bed aswell!" Ms. Frost shouted up the stairs. I groaned and rolled out of bed, ending up in a pile of sheets on the floor.

"COMING!" I shouted down the stairs, knowing she would come up if I didn't. I lugged myself over to my closet and slammed it open. I quickly pulled on some simple clothes. I had on a pair of beige cropped trousers and a baggy t shirt with the superman sign on it. I slipped on some blue TOMS and quickly brushed my hair before running out the small room...

I walked downstairs, I could feel the tension of nervousity between every girl in the room. I groaned again as I spotted five teenage boys stood at the front, eyeing each girl.

Each girl was dressed up nicely, little dresses, make up, hair done nicely. I could feel everyones eyes on me as my shoes squeaked on the shiny surface of the floor. The five boys turned and stared at me. I rolled my eyes and put my hands on my hips. Everyone still stared at me.

"Take a picture it'll last longer!" I shouted at them all. They all looked away except the five boys who just chuckled at me. I shot them a glare which made them laugh more. I walked over to the bean bags and dropped down onto one. The one with beiber looking hair walked over to me. He crouched down so he was eye level with me.

"Your a funny one aren't you." He said smiling at me. I shrugged. "What's your name?"

"Taylor..." I said quietly, going shy all of a sudden.

"What a pretty name for a pretty girl." I blushed. "How old are you?"

"Eight..." I mumbled. His grin grew bigger and he ran off to the other boys. Damn I bet I blew it...

I sat in the bean bag a the girls were dismissed. I stayed were I was. My eye lids began to get heavy. I then realised that I havn't had much sleep recently. Soon, I began to drift to sleep... Dreaming about my perfect family...


*Liams POV*

Me and the lads were on our way to Ms. Frosts Orphanage for Girls. Managment thought it would be a good idea if we adopted a girl around eight. Me and the lads were really excited, we had already set up her room and bought her clothes and everything...

When we arrived we entered the building with massive smiles on our faces. Louis was literally bouncing off walls he was so excited.

We were greeted by a plump lady. She had short blonde hair cut into a bob and had a cheery smile on her face. She showed us too a small room which was empty. She smiled at us before turning to face the stairs and shouting.

"Ladies! We have visitors!" Soon enough the room was filled with girls of all ages under eighteen. Each wore dresses and were dressed to impress....

"Hello ladies... Is this everyone?" Zayn asked. The lady shook her head.

"No theres still one girl left. Taylor! That means you need to get out of bed aswell!" She shouted the last part up the stairs.

"COMING!" A voice shouted from upstairs. The lady, or Ms. Frost, showed us the girls. We looked at the individual girls. The silence was ended by a loud squeak. Everyones heads turned to face the stairs. A small girl was walking down them, her clothes said she didn't care... Obviously not worried about impressing us... She placed her hands on her hips as we continued to stare.

"Take a picture it'll last longer!" She shouted at everyone. Everyone looked away at the girl except us guys, we chuckled at her and she glared at us. We laughed even more. She rolled her eyes and walked over to the bean bags. She dropped into one and watched us. I walked over to her and crouched down to her height.

"Your a funny one aren't you." I asked smiling. She shrugged, suddenly going shy. "What's your name?"

"Taylor..." She said quietly.

"What a pretty name for a pretty girl." She blushed. "How old are you?"

"Eight..." She mumbled. I grinned wider and ran off to the boys.

"I've found the perfect girl." I said to the guys. They lit up.

"Really? Who?!" Louis asked grinning. By now all the girls had been dismissed, I turned and saw Taylor had fallen asleep on the bean bag. I pointed to her.

"Her, her names Taylor and she's eight!" I turned back to face the boys and saw them nodding.

They grinned and we walked over to the lady to sign the papers. She smiled at us sweetly.

"Chose one?" She asked kindly. We nodded. "Which one?"

"Taylor." I replied. She seemed.... Shocked?

"Are you sure? We have plenty of other girls." She said quickly pointing to the door, which the mass of girls had just departed through.

"Whats wrong with Taylor?" I asked. Her cheery smile dropped.

"Well... She isn't the most behaved child and she is very loud." She said quietly. We shrugged.

"She's exactly what were looking for then!" Louis shouted. The women nodded and handed us the papers. Louis signed as the legal guardian since he is the oldest.

"Thank you!" She said happier than earlier. We said bye and I walked over to Taylor. She was still asleep. I scooped up her small frail body and carried her out the building.

"I can't believe we just adopted this adorable little girl." Zayn said brushing a piece of hair from her face.

"Yeah we did. Which means no strutting round naked." I replied. We all turned to face Harry. He looked affended but agreed all the same.

The rest of the journey went by quietly. Soon enough we pulled up outside the house. I carried her inside and went straight upstairs to her room. I laid her on the bed and kissed her forehead gently.

"I'm glad we adopted you..." I whispered before walking out the room. Leaving Taylor to rest...

We are doing the right thing.... Right?

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