1. His Baby

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A father in mourning is a tragic sight.

Same can be said for a Chancellor.

Edmund Palladino is a chancellor, who buried his fallen daughter less than a week ago. He could not maintain his academy, he sat in his office and soaked his black robes with tears.

Every time he sleeps, he can't help but think about how cold he was without his daughter there to try and crawl into his bed. He took to the bottle, and burning plants to try and lift his mood. But it did not work.

A creature as old as him should be used to losing people, but this was different. This was his child, his mysterious gift from heaven, the most beautiful girl he'll ever meet.

He thought he lost her, until one night when he was shivering in his bed, he hears a pounding at the door. Edmund gets up, and stumbles his way to the door, the cognac still in his system. He opens his cherry door, and faces a figure taller than him. Edmund looks up "A-Areia?" the figure says nothing but pushes past him to the kitchen and begins raiding the fridge.

Edmund stands frozen as he observes the figure. Female, and tall like his child. Dark hair, and eyes like hers. But, his child was plump, and full-figured from years of being doted on and spoiled by him and his twin. This person, this woman was fit, and muscular. That's what caused Edmund to have doubts. What caused him to shed those doubts was the clothes she wore. It was the same clothes she was buried in, her blossom colored robe with a mossy green overcoat.

"Areia." Edmund says "Aphrodite Areia Palladino?" she finally looks up. It was definitely her, he can tell from her eyes too, she had lovely dark colored eyes that captured heaven at night. "Areia it's me, Papa." Areia opens a bottle of water and chugs it all down. Before throwing it, and rummaging through the fridge for more to eat.

"Areia. If it's you please say something." Edmund finds himself crying silent tears as he was under the assumption that it was a cruel trick concocted by something or someone. Maybe it would be less painful if it was a hallucination brought on by his binge drinking of anything with an alcohol content.

The woman stops and wipes the grime off of her mouth. "Hi Papa." she says "Did you gain weight?" Edmund lets out an air of relief, it was his light-bearer after all, he goes and embraces her. "How is this possible?" he asked, it didn't matter his daughter was alive and safe.

"I'll be honest Papa, I don't know." she said as she ate leftover roast chicken. Pushing chunks of the white flesh into her mouth, Edmund continues to holds her, inhaling her scent.

"You know what, it doesn't matter, lets just go to bed and act like nothing happened. You were alive this whole time, you didn't die trying to fight a Wayward brother." Edmund rambles.

Areia cleans herself off, and Edmund leads her to her bed. She lays down in her custom-made bed, and closes her eyes. Once asleep Edmund crashes in her bed, clinging to her torso so she could never leave him again.

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