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Chases pov:
I wake up in the morning and I'm holding Kylie in my arms. I like her a lot. But I'm too scared to say I love her.  I actually love her. I love caring for her. I love her beautiful green eyes, I love her laugh, I love her little snore at night, I love her cuddles, I love her long blonde hair, I love how short she is, I love her cute little nose, I love how her cheeks are always blushed and her nose is red. I love everything about her. Including her herself. She's amazing.

New message from: Cynthia parker✌🏻

Cynthia: hey b 💜
Chase: oh hey
Cynthia: I miss you 💜
Chase: I miss everyone
Cynthia: I miss your hugs and the other fun we had at playlist
Chase: Cynthia i dont have those feelings for you anymore. I'm with someone. And you know that.
Cynthia: baby you know we could be better together. Think off all your fans. They don't want that bitch. They want me.
Chase: Cynthia stop
Cynthia: come one just come over and we can maybe do something ;)
Chase: idk what to say.
Cynthia: say, yes.

Cynthia is fucking crazy. Why does she want me? I want kylie. And her only. Kylie woke up so I put my phone on my counter next to her. "Hi" I said kissing her forehead. "Hi" she said smiling. She stretched and yawned "your adorable" I said making her blush and hide under the blanket "no" she quietly said. I chuckled and held her tighter

Kylie's pov:
I heard chases phone go off so I checked it "wait kylie n-" "why chase its fine-" chase grabbed the phone "give me the phone kylie" I grabbed it back laughing "Chase oh my god what is it" I laughed, then I stopped laughing after I saw that Cynthia texted him. He tried to slowly take the phone but I yanked it back "Chase just let me see. Please" I quietly said. He let go and looked down "im sorry." He said with a tear in his eye "chase..." I was so confused on why he didn't just say no "why-" "Kylie I'm so sorry I swear I don't like her she j-" "Chase, why didn't you just say no" I said with tears running down my cheek. I quickly wiped them and looked down. I have trust issues. I don't went him to like her while he's with me. "Chase, if you have feelings for her let me know. If I'm your type then she has to be. She has blonde hair green eyes just like me and is way prettier than me so just go" i said crying. I get up and go outside, Chase following me behind "Kylie stop where are you going "for a jog" I said putting my airpods in, I saw chases mouth moving but I couldn't hear him. I don't wanna hear him. I started jogging and chase was jogging with me, he took out my airpods and I gave him a sad look, he put a hand on my shoulder and then I couldn't take it. I bursted into tears. "Kylie I'm so sorry baby I swear I don't want her I just didn't know what to do." I cried and nodded "I'm sorry I'm such a bitch" I said sobbing into his chest "no ky it was me I fucked up not you"
He said rubbing my back. It started to rain and I just cried into his chest getting soaked. I didn't wanna leave. I didn't wanna move. I was so sad. I felt betrayed but I also know he would never cheat. He's been hurt and I know he wouldn't wanna hurt me. Cynthia is just such a bitch to get in my head. I let go of chase and just looked into his eyes. I grabbed his hand and he held it so tight. We walked back into the house. I was soaking wet and freezing cold. Chase opened the door. "Wait here I'm gonna get you a towel. He never says "me" or "us" he always says "you". I know he cares.

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