12 years later

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George's pov

My name is George Beard, I'm 17 3/4 and this is my life, I live with my parents and we moved from Michigan to Ohio piqua, I have amazing friends, and I also have a girlfriend named Lisa. And two cats and also my older cousin, his girlfriend and my nephew Ivan.

I got a really cool car on my birthday, I'm popular in school, have good grades and mostly a happy family, cool friends and a beautiful girlfriend. And two cats porky and buckwheat

My mom Barbara Beard taught me to write and read and I keep getting higher grades and my dad Moses well we have a good father son relationship and I have a perfect life and I was well liked by my classmates. And I'm a really good writer.

Lisa is a cheerleader and we've been dating for 4 years now and we were the school's most romantic dream couple and I can tell she will be my wife.

My friends Gooch and Bo were really cool and we have have known each other since forever and we do everything friends do, go wild, have ice, cream and regular coffee and pretty much everything

My cousin Nick is a single dad after his wife got sick and Ivan was 2 and he is 4 now and was lonely without a friend but they have us and we did everything for them and my nephew Ivan is great and we're like brothers. Nick and I have a good family relationship and when he fell in love Gloria was great and the best person ever and he remarried to Kaila and she had an older daughter Silvana and Ivan didn't like her he only cares about his mom Gloria and wants to be like her.

So yeah I'm in my final year of high school and in 108 days I'll graduate but I have a big secret no one knows about...

The body builder teens were lifting weights and all I can do was stare and blush and I got in my car

... No one knows I'm bisexual
Harold's pov

I'm Harold Hutchins I'm 18 years old, I live in Ohio piqua with my mom and sister Heidi, I have cool friends, a little foster sister who I really think of a daughter Maddie and a crush.

My mom Grace Hutchins is a wonderful, caring, beautiful and amazing person I know and she and my dad had gotten a divorce but she stayed strong and even thought she needed my help with everything and with Heidi but I didn't mind and it brought us closer and Heidi helped out too when she got older.

Maddie, she is my foster sister when she was a baby after my friends Elise and Randy got in a car crash in the rain so my mom took her in and her aunt Jenny let us see her anytime we want and I treated Maddie more like a daughter than a sister I know it sounds weird but it's how I felt, she's is 3 1/2 now and she is wonderful and my mom and Heidi loved her too.

My friends Erica, Killian, Jessica and Sophie 1 and other Sophie, they were my friends since I was a kid and we do a lot of fun activities and we have the best kind of friendship

And for my crush well and I have a secret know one knows about that I'm gay and my crush is Billy he is smart, funny and loves dolphins too.

One day I'll come out someday and I hope I'll get accepted.
No one's POV

Both George and Harold went to get their friends and they gotten in their cars. And picked up their friends.

George, Bo and Gooch had gotten iced coffee/ Harold, Erica, Killian, Jessica and the Sophie's gotten other types of coffees and they all went to school and they went to school.

At school they got to school and Jessica was having a costume pool party coming up and unexpectedly George and Harold bumped into each other.

George said, "I'm so sorry, wait Harold? Harold Hutchins?

Harold said, "George Beard?"

They hugged and started talking about everything and introduced them to their friends and they all got along great.

Mr. Krupp announced, "Okay everyone we have a new school website and you can talk to anyone and share stuff and to enjoy yourselves have a great day.

They got to class

George heard it and had am idea to come out without anyone knowing who he is.

Harold said, "George you coming to class?"

George nodded and went to class and he planned everything out

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