Optional | Epilogue

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Some new song called Hot Damn blared from the speakers behind the bathroom door

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Some new song called Hot Damn blared from the speakers behind the bathroom door. I was almost positive the entire floor of the hotel could hear it, but the most embarrassing part was Daxson's voice mingled with the rhythm. He mumbled along with the voices of the rappers somehow managing to keep pace without a care in the world. I rolled my eyes and stifled a laugh. He never failed to keep me entertained. I lifted the bottom of my dress from the floor to avoid stepping on it with my heels and shuffled to the bathroom door.

"Dax!" After a few seconds had passed, I knocked on the door. "Daxson!"

He yanked the door open, sending wisps of hot steam swirling into the air around us. I focused on the handsome man in front of me. To this day, it still felt like someone had molded my own personal Greek God, one that had a dark tan because he stayed outside too long. His dyed curls stuck up in every direction and made me want to just run my hands through his hair and never let go. The tailored suit fit perfectly to every muscular curve of his body, threatening to send me into early cardiac arrest. When I looked at him, it was like seeing him for the first time. I was starting to think the butterflies would never go away. As my eyes traveled his body, the only imperfection I could find was the slight tilt of his red bow tie.

His shimmering eyes locked onto mine. One look and I knew, he knew he had me. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

"I love when you yell my name."

A flush of color rushed to my cheeks, but his words no longer made me nervous, instead they made me feel special. I lifted my hands to straighten his bow tie that matched the hue of my dress, trying to hide the small smile on my face behind my dark hair.

"You're going to get us kicked out of the hotel with all these noise complaints." I glanced up at him.

His hand swept my dark curls over my shoulder, exposing my neck to him. He leaned forward until his lips were against my ear. The warmth of his breath sent chills racing down my spine. My whole body reacted to every one of his movements in nothing but pure excitement. This electric connection between us only intensified after I was free from the pressure of my family, and he was officially free of his guilt-ridden past.

"Why don't we test your theory out?" He whispered, pulling me from my thoughts. He planted a kiss on my ear.

"Hmm," I gasped out.

His soft lips pressed against my neck, occasionally parting to allow his teeth to nip at my sensitive skin.

I titled my head to the opposite side and smiled. "Now you're trying to make us late."

Daxson's arms encircled my waist and pulled me closer to him. "I can't help it when you're here looking like this. Pretty as a peach." His white smile lit up his entire face.

I stretched my arms up and placed them around his neck. "I'm here for support, not to be a distraction." My fingers found their way to his hair on the back of his head. "Your little sayings won't work on me this time."

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