The second attempt

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With the horses packed Jake, Amnor, Neil and I set off following our first marked trail we reached the river and used our rations, instead of hunting for food.
Once we reached the cabins we made some repairs then hunted for game the winter bite was being felt now.
Being confined to the cabin for so long was depressing but I caught up with my notes and documenting the past events.
I then asked Jake how he got back to Washington after we left him on the raft when the Indians attacked us.
He said Hinmah took me to the cabins in the canoe where I stayed the winter.
It was difficult finding food as  I had no weapons I built traps and lived on rodents and Beaver in spring I even ate bark on my way back to Washington.

Hilmar the canoes and paddlers arrived as winter ended Jake asked Hinmar why his chief agreed to the treaty so quickly.
Hinmar said we had a harsh winter many died many more were sick grain to eat and medical supplies will help us next winter.
Jake then asked Hinmar how he got to be a scout for the first mission Hinmar said the Nez Perce has eyes and ears everywhere throughout the land.
When we first heard about the mission I was put into the position of the scout to keep track of your movements.
The Indians the hunters first saw near the cabins weren't Nez Perce when I saw them I kept going as it was my chance to get back to my tribe I travelled for many days south to find my people then the massacre on the rafts was planned.
We went looking for the other pilgrims I knew that some were missing from the rafts we found some but not all.

The Indian canoes we will travel in now were made from timber and hides they were light strong and stable not like the one we built. We went back to the top of the Missouri river I then started my mapping again from there.
I was in the centre of one canoe and had an Indian paddler at each end Jake was in another canoe.
The other canoes one with Neil and Hinmar went on ahead of us hunting and each setting up camp.
I said to Jake some of the pilgrims we left along the way may still be alive he said yes. I don't think that they will show themselves we are travelling with Indians in their canoes I said of course Jake said but don't stop looking for them.
It was great arriving at day's end seeing the tent set up fire going a choice of fish or game for dinner this trip was a pure pleasure. Great distances were made each day then we were halted by a strong headwind and bad weather Neil enjoyed time hunting with Hinmar.

Jake and I spent time chatting, I asked him of his past Jake said I was born in Kent my parents moved to South Africa, when I was nine years old.
My father was employed by a mining company as a scout then after five years he became a guide with a game hunting safari.
He then started his own safari hunting business I joined him when I was fifteen years old.
When I was nineteen years old we were on a safari, employed by a wealthy Frenchman.
We were stalking an elephant my father told the Frenchman not to shoot until he said it was safe the elephant was a very large bull. We were in country with thick bushes the elephant made a false charge my father said; don't shoot the Frenchman shot anyway. The shot wounded the elephant then from close range it charged my father shot it the shot killed the elephant.
The charging elephant's momentum landed it on top of my father.
We had to dissect the elephant to be able to retrieve my father's body Jake said I felt like dissecting the Frenchman with my machete so many times that day.

I left the safari business the senseless slaughter of these magnificent animals just for the sake of a rich man's vanity wasn't for me.
I then spent many years scouting for geologists looking for diamonds and gold, in Africa.
A Russian mining company then used my services in India and then sent me to China working with mining exploration.
I would arrive at a chosen location where diamonds or gold had been found in the past.
I then would find an interpreter then go from village to village paying for information to lead us to the location of the diamonds or gold. The geologists would then find a site for mining often we also had to bribe officials for this to happen.

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