falling down

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Once again when you woke up you saw Narancia in your arms sleeping and like always you waited for him to wake up. When he sid he said "good morning~" giving you a kiss
"Good morning" you said back
"Do you have anything planned today?" He asked while getting ready for the day "I'm gonna go hang out with mista and giorno later but that's it" you replied "where are you going?"
"Where just gonna walk around for a little bit and do... something we dont really know yet"
"Okay, well have fun!"

When you left the house with mista and giorno, mista said "so what are we doing?"
"Well we dont really know yet but we'll find something, why dont we go get some ice cream?" You and mista nodded quickly and said "yeah let's do it!"

After you got your ice cream you all started walking again and when you were crossing the street you heard giorno yell "(y/n)! Look ou-".... everything was black but some how you still had a moment of thinking, you couldn't talk or move or feel! But you thought and you had a thought go through your mind.... "Narancia..." and again you thought "Naran-" and then you saw a light.... "NO" you heard in the back of your mind "NO I NEED TO SURVIVE FOR... FOR...... FOR NARANCIA AND BUCCIARATI AND MISTA AND GIORNO AND ABBACCHIO AND FUGO I NEED TO LIVE FOR THEM I NEE-" and then you stopped thinking

So I know this part is sad but I do want to make it a point to always be safe around cars and vehicles in general. Always look both ways before crossing the street and always whear a set belt.

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