Part 6

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He stood there watching the dark clouds movie in the sky.

Khushi, a true definition of happiness and love, the one who taught him what love is.

The first time when his eyes striked on her, he knew that she was the one for him. But what he didn't knew was she can never be his.

Her attitude and way of dealing with her life was something which was so admirable for him.

Her spirit and specially her way of dealing with, her laad governor... Was just so adorable.

He didn't it knew when he fell in love with her, but when he got to know it was too late.

Hi sighed when a certain memory flashed before him.

"Aap?? (U??)" He heard her shocked voice.

But at that time he couldn't hear nothing except the fact that he just got aware of.

He still couldn't believe or to see digest the fact that Shyam was a leech.

God knows what came over him that he just went towards him and slapped him hard across the cheeks.

Khushi gasped at the sudden movement from his side while Shyam had a shocked look on his face.

"Aap itne gire hue Insaan niklenge ye maine kabhi nahi Socha tha!! (I never expected u to stoop so low!!)" He gritted out these words.

"Pyaar karna koi gunaah nahi hai jo aap aise kehrahe hai Nk bhai! (Loving someone isn't a sin that you are saying it in this way Nk bhai!)" Shyam said with a wicked smile.


"Nanhe ji, no!!!" Khushi stopped him with teary eyes.

"But how could he??" He said in disbelief.

Khushi shook her head as if asking him to stop.

"I just can't believe it that you knew his real face all along but didn't reveal it in front of everyone!!" He said with a tinge of anger as he glared at Shyam.

"But not anymore, if not you then I am gonna reveal his face in front of everyone!!" He said strongly.

Shyam made faces as if he was scared and walk towards Nk.

"Sab Ko Sach to Bata denge par usse sabit kaise karenge?? (You will reveal the truth in front of everyone but how will you prove it??)" He asked with raised brow.

"Kaun Karega aap logo ki baaton par yakeen?? Rani Sahiba?? (And who will believe you both?? Rani Sahiba??)" He asked sarcastically and laughed.

"Waise Sach kahe, bahut mehnat lagi thi is apahij ko fasane mein!! (To be honest it took me the longest time to trap that handicap!!)"  He said with a tiring look.

"Shyam!!!" He roared clutching his collar.

"Uh huh! Don't ever think of raising ur hand on me!!" Said Shyam removing his grip off him.

"You are not doing right Shyam!" He said angrily.

"And who are you to tell me that??" He retorted back punching him right on his face.

"Just leave him!! I am ready to do whatever u will say!!" Khushi shouted stopping shyam from hitting Nk.

"Don't Khushi ji! He can't do anything..." Nk said looking at him with disgust.

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