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"Okay so hear me out Taehyung," Tae He said as to opposite to her Taehyung sat in the cafeteria. She could feel this abnormal and foreign vibe being radiated from him. She felt like as if something was wrong, something was being hidden in those suspicious eyes. "Tell me, did something happen yesterday because I'm pretty sure my mother isn't telling me the whole story."

Taehyung with an exaggerated sigh asked," You wanna know the truth?"

"Of course..."

"Then listen... that day was shit. You drank a whole bottle of wine and brought me along with you, I had to send you home and because of that your mom made me stay at your home and the worst part of this whole fucking situation is that you kissed! Like you KISSED ME!"

Tae He had her mouth open wide for a split second thinking her first kiss was gone without her knowing but then also thinking how she never much cared about a first kiss as it just being the very beginning of many, she closed her mouth and shook all the thoughts away. Though she could barely remember anything about yesterday, she felt small in front of him for an uncertain reason. She thought how greedy she had gone for just a bottle of wine and how Taehyung had to enter her house that was definitely not of his grand standard.

"Well I don't care much about a stupid kiss, all I want is our project to peacefully finish. That goddamn teacher really is fucking us up," Tae He complained as she rambled through her bag to find the samples of the piece they had to design.

"You see now that us being at either of our places is gonna be a disaster, let's just stay here and do our work for the day," Taehyung proposed tilting his head to see what Tae He was trying to find through the pages of her sketchbook. She took out the pages where she had made a relatively rough sketch of their piece.

"Now listen Kim Taehyung, I already know you're gonna be a disagreeing whining ass but hear me out."


"Now shush and listen. I know you wanted to with silks and shit but Nah. I was thinking about how we make two shirts out of recycled cloth. Just imagine if we use such cheap cloth and turn it into something designer worthy, our marks then would be guaranteed," Tae He had said that all in one breath, too excited to express her opinion on their project. She was actually ready to be nice to staying for him just to go with what she wants for once.

"No no no wait. If the cloth isn't gonna be good how do you expect the freaking piece to look good," Taehyung practically shouted in the middle of the cafeteria now where people had started to give them stares. Tae He looked around and then hit him on the arm.

"Keep it low dumbass..." after saying so, she sighed taking back what she had said. She didn't want her unknown hatred for him to get in her way of straight A's. "Look I really believe that you can do anything with that immense talent God has gifted you with. I know that you'll be able to make things work."

Oh my, how Tae He flattered Taehyung because she surely knew that the self-obsessed guy that sat in front of her could only be flattered by complimenting him and especially his talent and taste in fashion. Taehyung squinted his eyes thinking the many possible things that could happen if he agreed to what she was demanding him to. Now that Taehyung thought, going with the same exquisite silk would be too old thinking. He somehow started to think the way Tae He does that is 'expense doesn't equate to worth and uniqueness'

Taehyung closed his eyes and took a deep breath before letting her hear his decision. "Okay, I'll do it."

"Oh my god, Really?!" Tae He jumped in her seat as she leaned further on the table that separated them. Taehyung just rolled his eyes and looked away from her sight to the green gardens that surrounded their university campus. "Really thank you Taehyung for agreeing," Tae He settled down again and said with great gratitude in her voice.

Taehyung said nothing, just looked at her as if he didn't care which to an extent he didn't. He lifted his wrist to is the time on his watch but heard the progressively loud sound of heals through the relatively calm cafeteria. He lifted his head to see Song Min He making her towards him. Her hair was let down over her shoulders and had red-tinted lips with casual attire.

"Hi, Taehyung!" Min He said with a bright smile on her face. Tae He judging her wrongly thought it to be just a fake outlook to get Taehyung to like her more as if he already didn't.

"Oh Hi!! Min He what brings you here? You don't have classes at this time," Taehyung questioned her while he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"Well I was going home but then I remembered I couldn't contact you all night yesterday," Min He looked at him with concern.

"Oh yeah. Well, I got into a bit of a situation yesterday but everything's good now," He said with his eyes trailing towards Tae He who just shrugged at his regard.

"Well, then I was thinking if you'd like to go for dinner. It's kinda late anyways," Min He asked him but Taehyung looked unsurely towards Tae He again.

"I think today might not be possi-"

"No, you should go. It's late so we'll start working on our project tomorrow onwards," Tae He cut him off. She knew how much Taehyung liked her though she herself didn't one bit. She didn't want to hold him back from going to dinner with someone he liked. Though a pung of hatred had struck her, she didn't let it concern her too much.

"So I'll meet you tomorrow at the workroom," Tae He said and started to walk away but there was something she really wanted to say but this ego of hers wasn't letting her but nonetheless she stopped in her tracks and went towards Taehyung who was leaving too. He saw her stationary in front of her, wait in his eyes for her to say something so he could leave.

"Look Taehyung, thank you for agreeing to what I presented you for our project. I really appreciate the fact that you took a step towards a better relationship between us because I know for sure my ego wouldn't have let me because of the way I kept rejecting your idea. I really thought wrong and stereotypical of you. You're a totally different person when you get to be known."

With a smile of appreciation Tae He went the other way leaving Taehyung in a bit of a daze. They both thought so wrong of each other and both of them today let go of their ego to appreciate each other which was so enduring to witness. They both didn't want to admit to this but both of their hearts were swelling with pride and great anticipation for the days to come.


Hi!!!! I'm back after so long. I'm so sorry for keeping you guys waiting but the writer's block was the worst ever. I'll hopefully start with my regular and consistent updates.

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