Chapter 16

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AuthorsNote: Sorry this book took me a very long time to update and it's because I was on Netflix watching criminal minds an switched at birth and I just started watching the vampire dairies,so I'm sorry for taking forever,And I hope I don't make that mistake again and I hope u will enjoy this chapter as well 😘see YA soon


🔷🔷Olivia(point of view)🔶🔶

We finally reached the shop and they re-did my makeup and made us stand in like 50 pose for a perfect wedding card!

🔶🔶ray point of view🔷🔷

Vector took me to my room which was the last room in the house it was messy and small and two other guards lived in there..but then they gave me a suit. After getting dressed vector gave me a paper that had my schedule for the next 7 days intill OLIVIA gets married. Which I won't let it happen at all!

On the wall there were rules just for me:


-you can't go inside a room without knocking.

-you can not give your phone number to any one of the other servants.

-you can not drive you are just here for your person.

-you can not talk about your past life to anyone.

-you have to respect all the members.

-no flirts,no littering and listen to your person at all time in all wether!


Vector came to me.

"So Ray..we have servants for the kitchen and rooms and gardens and lobbies and halls but as you know Olivia is getting married and you are her servant. So if she needs to go to the store you go with her and hold the bags or you would have to give her the clothes or things that I would give you to give her.other than that there's nothing much,bring her coats or fix up her room.and help her move out,just remember."vector said.

"Remember what?"I asked.

"Remember that if you tell anyone what is going on in this house or if you throw around gossip or if you flirt with any of the girls in the house than father will throw you into our cage of wild dogs,you'll be ripped to pieces! So don't forget this job comes before your own life! And cris will give you the things"vector said. He closed the door as I looked at the package that cris handed me. He looked like he was in his 40's.

"Here are the tools you will need.i have the same things because I am mister vectors if you need any help than you may ask me."he said.

I opened the package,there was a badge that said my name on it and a looked more like a cellphone but it could only reach a few places.

"So if I reach Olivia with this who could hear the conversation?"I asked. What I really wanted to know was that if I talk to OLIVIA or tell her how I feel for her than would vector be able to hear?

"Miss Olivia! You have to say miss!!!"cris said.

"OKEY okey!! Miss answer me!"i answered.

"If it's a time when everyone is sleeping then it gets recorded and a guy comes early in the morning to hear all the calls just to be safe at all times and when it's morning time then all servants who are in your room can hear the conversation. Why do you ask?"

"Just to make sure,and what is this belt for?"I asked putting it on.

"It tracks you down. It will start an alarm when you pass the black gate! So be careful and stay in the safe zone!"cris said then on his waki-talki vector called him to go get his breakfast ready.Cris runs out of the room.

I can't believe this would be that hard! I can't even go to my house which is on the other side of the black gate unless I get to go with one of the people I'm working for,but I'm only working for OLIVIA,how am I going to get her to that side?

I went in my bags,and in my secret pocket I took out my phone,this phone was different,I made sure no ring tone would come or and vibrations at all! I had to hide this,and it only had one number on it,which was Olivia's. I slowly went outside of the room but I left my phone and supplies on my bed. Intill my wakitalki made its first beep.

"Could I get some breakfasts at my bed today.i don't feel well."said OLIVIA. She's so smart,I can talk to her and she is calling me!

Day one,take every chance you got!

I picked up my walki-talki "I'll be right there."I said. And left the room with a huge smile!

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