Winter's Info

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Dragon:White with Greg black eyes his wing spand is about 15 to 20 meters he's a big as a tree but can get as big as half of wall maria

Human:Has white hair with grey eyes he wairs a white Cloak with a grey blue shirt and pants

Family:Shadow(Mother dead), light(Father dead), Dark(Sister alive)
Heart(Brother dead).

Likes-Dark hunting humans and killing Titans

Dislikes-Titans lack of food the walls and giant drsgons

Back story: Winter and his family were outside hunting in the planes just outside of wall maria while they were hunting they heard pounding of horse hooves we all stop what we were doing and went to see were it was coming from as we walked we saw horses coming out of the walls the surrounded the human cities "Why are they leaving there homes?" I Asked dark "I don't now but we should follow them.
"okay I'll tell mom wait for me" Winter said to her
"Okay winter" she said then he left

*At there den in the plains*

"Mother father Me and dark are going to go watch the humans!" Winter said "Okay but be careful" shadow said to her son "Okay bye mom and tell dad were I'm at!" then he left and flew back to dark

Back with dark
Winter P. O. V
"Toke you long enough!" She yelled at me "Sorry I just forgot were you were at now let's go" I said then we left to find them

A few minutes later

"Brother I found them!" I heard dark say I flew over to her I look up at her as we landed as we walked around a titan came out of nowhere and jumped on me dark tried to get off me but we didn't now were the weak spot was and as that happened we both didn't notice a 20 meter titan come out of nowhere and bite on my sister wing she managed to shake it off her and bit down on the Titans neck and then threw it at a tree "Thanks sis" I said then we started to walk ontell we saw the humans again as we walked we a few titan heading in their direction we decided that we would take them out before they got to them as I jump on a titan back because I shrunk my size it screached on surprised which called MORE titans I bit on it nape and ripped off it nape and then two titan but on both of my wings and a third but on my tail "DARK!" I yelled pretty load I think the humans heard me then a large shadow (Dark) came out of nowhere and went on a killing spree I got up and checked my wings and tail to make sure there were no teeth in them and that they healed we both ran off and fast because we heard humans coming and were were not aloud to be seen I shifted into my human form and dark laded down and I climbed on her since I couldn't fly I had to fly with her she opened her wings and flew away as we saw the human enter the erea we were in as we flew we landed out of nowhere like 18 15 meter titan surrounded us "Dark give out the distress roar!" I yeloed, "Okay" She said then Roar loud that it even could be heard in the forest

At then den
Shadow P. O. V
A loud roar could be heard "Shadow did you hear that!?" Light asked me as he ran over to me "Yes Get heart and meet me at the den NOW!!" I said then flew off. Once everyone was here we ran tell we saw about 18 fifteen meter titan and two fourteen meter titan around dark as she tried to defend winter who was in his human form I jumped at the two fourteen meter Titans and riped there napes off I'm pretty big I'm ass big as the wall that surrounds shinganshina city which is 50 meter a about two meter smaller then it but when I stand on my hind legs I'm almost as big as the clossal my wing spand is about 65 meters my mate is a 35 meter dragon with a wing spand of 40 heart is a 30 meter dragon with a wing spand 35 Dark is a 40 meter dragon and her wing spand 50 winter is a 20 meter dragon with a wing spand of 30 as I was I thought I didn't notice a fifteen meter titan come out of nowhere and jump on my back then bit my back crushing It i roared in pain as I fell over then Light killed it and a fifteen meter titan came and grab my neck I yelped my son tried to help me but the titan tightened his grip after two or three minutes everyrhing went black 'I guess this is the end.. Goodbye my loves...' I thought then I saw light I look I saw golden gates and went through them

Winter P. O. V

As I saw my mother go limp after the titan crushed her neck I jumped at the titan and riped off its nape then I saw heart neck get riped off my father killed him then a saw dark killed rest of them "Dad? I'm sorry I couldn't save mom..." I said to him "Its okay she wouldn't have been aboul to get away we we retreated anyways I'm just sad that we couldnt of had saved heart he was so young" Dad said "Dad we should get you to the den to spot your bleeding" I said and dark nodded in agree ment "No I think its time for you guys to go on your own now your both sixteen that's time for you to leave.." Dad said "Oh.. Okay just stay safe okay dad" I said to him then me and Dark left.

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