Chapter 17

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Saturday 19th of December

Santana and Brittany had been making good use of the mistletoe hung on Brittany's bed. The cold weather gave them an excuse to be inside in bed all day too.

They were laying in bed together when Brittany remembered her family had plans.

"So today we have some old family friends coming over. They're staying the night too. We used to live down the street from them before I moved to Lima." Brittany explained.

"Oh cool, what are their names?" Santana questioned.

"John and Jackie." Brittany answered. "They also have a son called Jordan who's our age but he's not coming over."

"Nice, I look forward to meeting them." Santana said with a smile before turning her attention back to the TV.


The Pierce family - plus Santana- were sitting around the kitchen table chatting away while they waited for their guests to arrive. They were all sipping on drinks, Brittany had Dr Pepper and Santana had Lemonade.

Ring Ring

Susan got up and walked over to answer the door, she greeted them and showed them into the kitchen.

Brittany looked at the doorway and saw John and Jackie but she was surprised to see another body in the hallway. The 3rd person was tall and tanned, he had short brown hair and dark eyes. He was physically fit and strong. It was Jordan.

Brittany got up from her chair and ran to meet the boy in the hallway.

"JORDAN!" She squealed as he enveloped her in a bear hug and lifted her off the ground.

"Hey brittany! It's great to see you" he replied enthusiastically.

He put her down and she took Jordan by the hand and brought him into the kitchen.

"Jordan you remember my dad and Zoe" Brittany said.

"Yes of course, Hey Zoe, Hello David." He shook David's hand and smiled at the youngest Pierce.

"And this is my friend Santana" Brittany added as she pointed to the Latina.

"Hi, I'm Jordan." He greeted her.

Santana smiled at him politely. She thought it was a little strange that she was introduced as Brittany's friend rather than girlfriend but she just brushed it under the carpet and moved on.

Brittany and Jordan took a seat at the table and John and Jackie walked in and greeted everyone. They all sat down and got to chatting.

"I didn't know you were coming" Brittany said across the table to Jordan.

"It was a last minute change of plan. I would never miss seeing you" he replied.

It didn't take long before the Dads made their way out to the garage and the Mums moved into the living room. Zoe went off to play with her toys leaving the 3 teenagers alone.

"So how did you two meet?" Santana asked.

"Well we've been friends since we were 10. When Jordan moved to the neighbourhood, he joined my school and we met there." Brittany explained.

Jordan nodded. "How did you two meet?" He asked.

"Santana lives next door actually. When we first moved in, she came over to say hello and welcome us to the neighbourhood. We also go to school together." Brittany answered again.

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