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A few weeks later

Bunnys POV

My heat is over and I am going back to school, when I got back everyone asked me where I was but I just told them I was sick because i didn't want them to know i am an omega, at least until I have to tell them, and I really hope it isn't true but we will find out tonight.

Todoroki POV

So that night me and Bakougo took it too far and we didn't use protection because neither of us though about it so after school Bakougo is going to go get a pregnancy test and bunny will take it to make sure he isn't pregnant because if he is that would be a promblem with his hero training

Bakougo POV

After school I went to the corner store and bought 3 different pregnancy test, bunny's favorite drink and candy bar, and some drinks for me if it is true(no not alcohol celebrating drinks). I rushed to the dorm and we just stood there for a few minutes before bunny decided he was ready, me and IcyHot waited for what felt like forever till he came out with a speechless look on his face
Me and IcyHot rushed over to him and hugged him

"What did it say Bunny"

"It...it s..said..yes"
He said with a grin and tears in his eyes
I looked at IcyHot with tears in my eyes we were all crying tears of joy because we wanted a child so bad.



"Your crying are you happy or sad"
I could tell he was worried so I hugged him and sat him down

"Bunny, i am the happiest i have ever been, i love you and this unborn child and me and IcyHot would sure take care of it, correct IcyHot"

He nodded his head, "Bunny we both love you and we will support you though all of this, but the question is are you happy"

"Well...if you guys want to keep it I will too I love you guys and I believe you will help me though all if it"
He started crying again and me and IcyHot joined him. That is how we fell asleep that night.

A few months later

Bunny's POV

So we just got back from a doctor appointment all the teachers know about my pregnancy but no one in class knows yet but we plan on telling them today we decided we would do it in the dorms so we sent out texts to everyone in the class.


M: hi everyone can you guys meet in the common room as soon as possible.

As I could tell everyone read it and we made our way to the common room, when we got there we saw everyone sitting and talking, I immediately got super nervous

"Hey it would be ok we will be right here"

"But..but what if they hate me for not tel... "

"He stop they are your friends and they wouldn't hate you Bunny"

I took a deep breath and walked up to the front of the class with Kacchan and Todoroki.

"Attention everybody"

I was scared and you could hear it in my voice

"What is it Deku you seem worried"
I knew they were starting to get nervous so I just spoke up and said it.

"I...I am" I looked at Kaccha, he nodded, then I looked at Todoroki, and he nodded,I took a deep breath and continued

"I'm pregnant"

that is all I heard before everyone ran to me and hugged me

"Oh bros i am so happy for you guys"

"Yeah you guys will make great dads"
All I felt was me crying and being hugged by Kacchan and Todoroki
"Thanks you guys so much"


Hey yall I am going to write the last chapter today so yall don't have to wait for long, also I am going to start writing the story and should start posting it as soon as I get the chance so be on the look out for it, so I have one more thing to say thxs again for all of y'alls support and love😁😁😁

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