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Nathan left an hour afterward, giving a kiss of goodbye. His explanation for leaving was that he had to have a chat with George, since he was the brand new suspect. He promised on returning later that night.

For a while, I proceeded on lying in my bed, failing on registering everything that had happened.

I could not believe I had done such thing.

I had had my first sexual experience and I without a doubt enjoyed it.

In fact, I wished to do it again.

Fighting the urge to text him in hopes of his return because I did not want to be a nuisance.

"Damnit," I muttered, getting off the bed in order to pull on a change of clothes since I had ruined my underwear because of the earlier activity. Although, one could not blame me.

After I had dressed in a fresh pair of clothes, I decided to treat myself with a snack.

But the second I had stepped out of my bedroom, my arm had been roughly grasped. A groan escaped once I had been pushed up against the wall. And this time, it was not an astonishment to find Bill standing right in front of me.

"What do you think you are doing?"

Bill braced his one hand by my head, while the other had a firm hold on my arm. "I don't like what you did a short while ago."

I frowned, not understanding what he was talking about. "What do you mean?"

"The way you touched him. I could not even stand it. What you did with him."

Horror washed over at his answer, not believing what I was hearing. "You watched?"

Bill smirked down at me, arm bending at the elbow. "I could not resist it and you cannot blame me. You looked so attractive while doing it."

I was absolutely disgusted.

That he had witnessed such a private activity.

I was mortified at the image that appeared in my mind, not being able to bare it.


"I must admit I wanted to rip you away from him and have you do it to me. It was an enjoyment though, watching you try so hard to please him." I flinched when his hand reached out to touch my face. "I would wish to be in his place instead, for it to be me you are pleasing. He should not have his dirty hands on you."

"You fućking pervert!" I shouted, attempting on pushing him off. "You are so goddamn disgusting. Get off."

Bill did not make a move on leaving, leaning closer once more. "Don't act as if you hate it. I can tell you are the one into public affection. You want the attention, I know you do. Don't try to hide or lie, Angela."

"You are disgusting. Now get off before I decide to punch you."

"Angela, I don't appreciate you using such foul words. I bet you would like it if I cleaned your mouth for you."

"I am going to call Nathan right now if you don't stop," I warned.

Bill scoffed, shaking his head. "It is not a good idea to lie. And I know you are aware that you are never going to do it. You are too terrified to call him, afraid of his judgement."

"Not anymore," I admitted.

"Stop lying. Your boyfriend is such a bastard who will never give you the enjoyment I can. I bet he will never be able to make you come as hard as I can. Your virgin of a boyfriend is so inexperienced. You need someone with much more experience."

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