Chapter 16

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Author's Note: It's a short one today, sorry.


Tuesday 1st of December

School was the same as always. The only difference was it was colder. The cheerleaders had to wear white undershirts and their Cheerios jackets.

Brittany loved Christmas. Actually, that's an understatement. It was her favourite holiday and she loved all things Christmas related. Every year on the 1st of December, the Pierce's decorate their house and Brittany had special decorations for her room. This year was no exception.

Santana had agreed to help the Pierce's decorate since her family had minimal decorations. They always had a tree but that was about it. She had already set that up with her parents so she was off to help Brittany.

Santana was greeted by a very excited Brittany. She walked in and greeted the rest of the Pierce family.

"Santana dear, would you like a cookie?" Susan asked her guest.

"Yes please!" She picked up a Christmas tree shaped cookie and bit off a little. It was delicious.

"Hey Tana!" Zoe greeted her.

"Hey Kiddo. I'm here to help you decorate for Christmas." Santana explained to the little girl.

"Oh good! There's a lot to do" Zoe said politely.

First, David brought in the tree and placed it on the stand in the corner of the living room. It was really tall and fluffy looking. Brittany and David draped on the lights and plugged them in while Zoe and Susan started on the tinsel. Then all 5 of them started hanging on the ornaments. They each told story's of where it came from and how long they've had it. Santana loved hearing these stories and seeing how long the Pierce traditions had been around.

Santana was watching Brittany hang up a star when Susan and David walked over to them with a little bag.

"Britt and Santana, here's an early Christmas present for you." David started.

"It only seems fitting that we give it to you now." Susan explained.

Brittany looked at them with confusion as she took the bag and pulled out an ornament. She turned it to find a picture of her and Santana smiling and engraved beneath the picture was 'Brittany and Santana's 1st Christmas'.

Brittany smiled at her parents. "Thank you so much. This is amazing" she told them as she brought them in for a hug.

"This is really sweet" Santana added as she followed Brittany and hugged the adults.

"We hope that this is your first Christmas of many spent together and think it should be commemorated." David said.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. They too hoped they could spend many Christmases together in the future.

Next, Santana helped Susan create the wreath for the front door. They hung baked orange slices and cinnamon sticks on it so it smelt like Christmas. They then hung it up outside.

Brittany took the long, green ribbon and wrapped it around the banister of the stairs. She then hung some decorations on it.

When downstairs was decorated, Santana followed Brittany up to her room to help her decorate.

Brittany pulled out a step ladder and fairy lights.

"Right so every year I hang fairy lights all the way around my room and I put tinsel on the bed frame" Brittany explained. "I'm going to hang the fairy lights, can you feed them to me and pass me tape?"

"Of course"

Brittany climbed the ladder and started hanging the fairy lights. She held out her hand for a piece of tape and attached the lights to the ceiling. The process continued until there were lights the whole way around the room.

Santana enjoyed watching Brittany feeling so Christmassy and telling her old stories from when she was younger. Plus Santana got a direct view of Brittany's ass as she was on the ladder.

They then wrapped tinsel around the headboard. They changed the sheets so they were Christmas themed and added a patterned blanket over the duvet so Brittany wouldn't be cold at night.

Brittany pulled out a mini Christmas tree and placed it on her desk. She briefly rearranged the branches so it didn't look so crushed.

"It's looking good B" Santana complimented.

"Thank you!" Brittany said gratefully. "Oh I almost forgot" she added. She went over to the cardboard box and pulled out two Santana hats. She placed one on her head and pulled the other onto Santana's.

"Now you're looking good" Brittany complimented.

Santana giggled. "Thanks."

"You're my Santana Claus" Brittany said as she leant in for a kiss.

Brittany quickly pulled away and Santana moaned at the lack of contact.

"That reminds me" Brittany said as she ran out of her room. She returned a minute later with something hidden behind her back.

"Close your eyes" Brittany said. Santana obeyed and closed her eyes, she heard some rustling and then felt Brittany's lips back on hers. She smiled into the kiss. When they pulled away Santana saw Brittany holding mistletoe above their heads.

"Oh. Now it makes sense why a kiss reminded you of something." Santana said.

"Yep!" Brittany replied. She walked over to her bed and hung it on the headboard. "Now whenever we're in bed together, we have to kiss."

"That's fine by me, I'll use any excuse to be able to kiss you!" Santana said as she walked over to her girlfriend and connected their lips again.

Santana had a feeling that this Christmas would be her favourite so far.


Author's Note: sorry it was short, I hope you enjoyed anyway!

Next Time: Some old friends come to visit the Pierce's

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