1: Don't Wait for Me

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A/N: to all of you who are new here - please read the prequel first! It's called Prove You Wrong :)


"Hey Luke, I borrowed your shirt today because all my Green Day shirts are in the wash... And yours is cooler than all of mine, anyways."

Luke and I looked up from our bowls of cereal to see Taylor sliding into one of the chairs opposite us, wearing Luke's black and pink Green Day shirt as if it were her own.

"It's a bit big for you," I pointed out, gesturing to the shirt I had seen Luke wear so many times.

She raised her arm, looking at the sleeve hanging loosely off her body. "Eh," she shrugged, grabbing a bowl. "Doesn't matter."

I looked over at Luke, pouting. "How come she gets to wear your shirts?"

He shrugged, rolling his eyes at me. "Well, I didn't exactly give her permission... And you never asked!"

"But I'm your boyfriend, I should be the one wearing your shirts," I mumbled, turning back to my breakfast.

"Yeah and I'm his best friend," Taylor shrugged. "And his clothes are in the same cupboard as mine. I feel like I should be allowed to wear them."

I was about to answer when our mum stepped into the kitchen. "Good morning," she smiled, seeming oddly happy. Then again, she always seemed to be happy, so I didn't really pay much mind to it.

"Morning," we all mumbled back.

We went about our morning as usual, and finally reached school, meeting Ashton, Michael and the others in front of the building.

"There they are!" Michael joked, seeing the three of us approached.

"Talkin' shit about us, Clifford?" Taylor laughed, reaching up to kiss his cheek.

"Oh, you know it, Hood," he laughed, swinging an arm around her shoulders.

"We were just saying that you guys are practically like a married couple," Ashton laughed, looking at Luke and I.

"How so?" Luke asked, a confused look on his face.

"Well, the way you argue, for one," Michael pointed out. "Plus, you guys already live together, so I mean... "

I smiled, looking over at Luke. But in the corner of my eye, I saw someone approaching us, and looked up with a frown. The football coach was making his way to us, causing me to groan. I hated that man so much.

Luke heard my groan and turned his head in the direction I was facing before groaning as well. I rolled my eyes, wrapping an arm around his waist and lifting my chin slightly, almost defiantly. He wasn't my coach anymore, so I had no reason to show him respect. Respect must be earned; it shouldn't be expected. He didn't respect me, and that gave me no reason to respect him. I wasn't going to go out and seek a fight with him, but I certainly didn't want him to think that I was okay with his blatant homophobia.

He approached us, an almost apprehensive look on his face.

"'Morning, Coach!" Ashton grinned, cordial as always.

"Good morning, Irwin," he answered shortly, before saying, "Hood, can I talk to you?"

"Sure, what about?" Taylor shrugged, raising her eyebrows at her.

He sighed in exasperation, giving her a look. "The other Hood. Calum? Do you have a minute?"

I frowned, pulling Luke a tiny bit closer to me. "For what?"

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