Part Three - 28 - Memphis

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"Log entry 259. I am Kala Acker. Today I got captured by colonists. I needed food and water, so I stopped on a small planet. One of the villagers recognized me. They used a flux grenade on me. A flux grenade never hit me full force before...It wasn't pleasant. The energy wave stunned me for a few minutes. My ears bled, and I felt like my head would explode. Most humans are dropped unconscious for a few hours by a flux grenade, but not me...I stayed awake, and it was more painful than any wound I ever had before. The villagers...they thought I was out of it. They didn't expect me to defend myself. I was stuck in a haze of pain and lost control. I killed them all. I didn't mean to, but it happened. People still underestimate me, and they pay the price. Log entry over."

The captain slowly stood up from his hiding spot, hands raised, "Okay, okay. We're coming out, calm down!" he screamed at the man outside.

"We are?" whispered Moira, her two guns were already out of their holster.

"He has a damn flux grenade!"

She grumbled but slid her guns back in their spot nonetheless. Memphis was forced to follow suit.

The seven of them slowly crossed the cargo hold to go outside. Memphis chose a spot opposite of Moira, just behind the massive bulk of Lucas. Beside the tall soldier, he looked like a scrawny and unremarkable blonde boy. That was the point.

When they started down the ramp, they finally got a glimpse of their captor. He was standing in the pouring rain, gun raised. Even under the stormy weather, he was obviously a redhead, his hair falling loosely below his ears. His clothes were tattered and dirty. Overall, he wasn't very tall or threatening looking, except for his eyes filled with anger, watching them through his huge glasses.

Allan set foot first on the muddy ground of the forest, "Hello, you must be the crazy scientist inhabiting this lair. Nice to meet you, I am Captain Allan Roy."

Memphis bit down his lower lip not to grin. He needed not to attract attention to himself at all. But his twin sister, on the other side, chuckled openly.

Kala was doing an excellent job of looking innocent and unthreatening too. Just a small and skinny woman, and not the most wanted terrorist of the universe that could fry your brain in seconds. Memphis was so proud.

They took a few more steps until the man freaked out, "Do not come closer! Or I will shoot."

As usual, it wasn't in the captain's habits to obey and he came a little closer. He now stood between his crew and their captor. The man pointed his gun now straight toward Allan's face. His hands were shaking. He was evidently really stressed out by this whole ordeal.

Memphis knew it was his cue. While the man's attention was fixed on Allan. He slowly disappeared behind Lucas, slid to the floor and then behind bushes. He held his breath and counted five heartbeats. Still, no sign that his sudden disappearance attracted anyone's attention. Oh, the crew surely noticed, but they kept their cool as usual. Without making a noise, he moved a little farther away, making sure to stay hidden. When he was finally sure to be on the blind side of their attacker, he dared to take a look. The captain was still talking endlessly, not caring that a gun was pointed at his grinning face. The storm was now raging so much Memphis couldn't hear what was being said anymore. But he knew that the man was silent as he surveyed the crew. Their captor surely did notice something was different, but he didn't seem to be able to put a finger on it. That was the trick. Sometimes during situations like that, if Memphis stood as far away as possible from his sister, people didn't realize right away that they were twins. Then when he disappeared, they felt like someone was missing, but couldn't put a face on who was gone, since his face, Moira's face, was still there. This trick only worked half the time. But it seems he was in luck.

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