An Agreement [Kid x Reader]

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You glanced across the table with half-lidded eyes at the two men that were currently snarling at each other.

If anyone had told you that that was how you were going to spend the day, you would have considered your options, because not even the sight of the shirtless redhead was worth the headache you had been nursing for the past hour.

Killer walked over to you, his shoulders slumped enough to let you see that he, too, could be using his time in a more efficient way, and offered you one of the two glasses of wine he carried with him.

You waved your hand in the air vaguely, but thanked him anyway for the offer. Instead, you sat back up correctly and rose to your feet, dragging the chair across the floor deliberately.

The noise prompted Kid and Scratchmen Apoo to cease their bickering, heads turning to you with questioning looks. Even Hawkins, who had been all too absorted in his cards, gazed over at you.

"If you excuse me," you commented, abandoning your position on the table and casually making your way to the exit.

The door was behind Kid's chair, however, and he, being all worked up due to the other pirate's antics, grabbed your wrist roughly when you were about to pass him by.

"Where do you think you're going?" He inquired menacingly.

You met his furious stare with bored eyes and yanked your hand away from his.

"Back to my ship, since you're making me waste my time here."

The redhead opened his mouth to probably bark out a number of expletives, but you brought your index finger to his lips nonchalantly, successfully making him freeze in place.

"I'm not asking for permission, I'm telling you."

You looked back at the two other captains, who had remained surprisingly quiet during the whole scene, before returning your attention to Kid and dropping your hand to your side. "Call me when you reach an agreement."

And with that, you left.

Had you looked back as you made your way out, you would have witnessed the astonished stares of the four pirates that remained in the room. Killer's wouldn't have been visible, but it was there.


When one of the redhead's crew members popped up by your ship to let you know that his captain wanted to see you, you couldn't help but to smirk. Nevertheless, and because you had previously wasted the whole morning there, you decided to do the most sensible thing before even getting up from your sunny spot against the mast.

"Are they still fighting?" You questioned, turning your head to the side and opening your eyes to gauge his expression.

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