Chapter Thirty-Nine

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My gut tightened in anger as I spun around and dispatched of another opponent. Where was that bloody wolf? Where was Thornten or even his son Edward? I needed Amelia or an opponent that wouldn’t die so quickly!

Around me I saw that the battlefield, formerly a perfectly maintained and groomed garden, was littered with bodies. Demon’s and shifters and vampire’s all piled over each other and scattered about.

Jaden was still prowling about and I could see Seratin flashing around in the shadows, deadly and silent like a viper. I didn’t see Sammuel anywhere but I could feel his powers in the air so I knew he was around somewhere.

Throwing back my head I roared, a challenge to all my opponents. ‘Come out and face me you cowards! You want my territory? You want my Mate? Kill me then!’

But as I turned and surveyed the area around me I realized that everyone had fled, at least all the leaders of this bloody attack had. No Thornten or Edward and even that wolf Devon seemed to have disappeared.

Well at least I’d managed to kill the Demon, that was a relief for sure.

I turned to face the big house and frowned at the complete ruin it had become. Part of the second floor gone and cracks and tears splitting the building apart. It looked like it had been shaken by a huge earthquake of sorts and only bits and pieces of it had remained standing.

Muted but alive I could feel the bond between Amelia and me now although it seemed like it was still impossible to reach her mentally or to locate her. I knew she was breathing but in pain and that knowledge made me see red around the edges of my vision.

I wanted to kill the Demon all over again because I knew he was responsible for her pain! And I wanted to tear Devon to pieces with my bare hands because I knew he’d wanted to put his grimy hands on her again.

A flash of light caught my eye and I let out another growl as I realized it was the beautiful wings of light from Tlanextic. How did he get into my territory? Again!

I was about to launch myself up into the air with a leap so I could grab the Arch Angel out of the sky, to hell with the consequences, when I noticed the dark shape in his arms. He was carrying something…

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