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Fact: In Korea, your a year old as soon as your born.

Word Count: 3451
Chapter Parts: 3.
Warning(s): Angst. Angst & More Angst.


Its been years - maybe four? Jeongguk knows that. And Jeongguk is the loneliest man you'll ever meet. He keeps to himself, shoves away flirts - even fights them sometimes. He's a mess, really.

And he's the only one who can tell you why - he did it to himself. He had the perfect wife. Yes, wife. He married her believing he'd gain feelings for her. That and his parents said she was his perfect type. It was true... If they only truly knew their son.

Jeongguk hurt Blossom, and bad. He called her horrible names, both mentally and psychically hurting her. And he doesn't even know why. He became distant from her... And he hates to admit it, even her kids. Even though she kept them at SeokJin's, he still became distant.

The last straw was when Blossom walked in on him cheating on her.. He was 'sleeping' with Irene. No, Blossom doesn't hate her for it - she doesn't even dislike Irene. She just felt hurt for awhile. But, alls good in a fare well.. And that's exactly what happened.

Blossom knew he was cheating with numerous girls. She's caught him more then once. She just realised she can't do it anymore. He's the reason she started harming herself. No, never planned to commit suicide. She has kids for gods sake. She wouldn't ever do that.

Blossom decided he's not the one, plus; she's only fifteen. So, she left. Getting a divorce and moving in with Jimin - not that Jeongguk knew that. He's always been jealous of Jimin. The elder. The Hyung. Jimin has everything Jeongguk doesn't. A happy life - a wife who he loves, children he dears close to his heart, and... Blossom's full on trust. And, its all Jeongguk's fault he doesn't have that himself.

The scene replays in his head over and over everyday, every night. It drives him insane. He knows its not good to be like this - especially if he caused the pain by hand. He knows he needs to move on. But - he just can't. Every chick he meets reminds him of Lisa. A girl he used and who used him, too.

Now, about Lisa. She was just a one time thing. Yeah yeah, she was hurt to find out Jeongguk was using her - but she was cheating on him. Jeongguk wasn't hurt, knowing she's lesbian and not straight. He knew she was using him for pleasure. That's all. Sad thing is, Blossom is one of Lisa's best friends. Blossom trusts Lisa - and Blossom has no clue.


Jeongguk was laying on his bed, watching the ceiling. He was thinking about random stuff. Specifically when he wants to go out and where. He doesn't think this often, but Jeon, his twin sister, says he needs too. It'd be good for him to at least take a two minute stroll through the park. So, that's what he decided to do.

Jeongguk got up, got dressed and quickly left. Jeon left him food on the table. Which he ate quickly before leaving. Jeon knows what Jeongguk did. She knows how hurt Blossom is. She knows everything about Blossom - sense she's married to Blossom's cousin, Hoseok.

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