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About 6 months later (April 10th)

Tanya's POV

Hmmm, what has happened in the last six months? Well it's April now and last month I got back from a tour with Ariana Grande. I went on tour with her as her hair and make up artist, she's really cool. Of course Michael had a fan boy moment when he found out that I got to met her, but they had another tour too, I'll let them tell you about that though.

I got a bunch of money from the tour, so I was able to pay for my mom's funeral. The funeral was before both tours, so everyone was able to come, I felt so bad when I couldn't explain what happened to my mom to Melony. I was crying so much that I couldn't even form a coherent sentence. Michael ended up explaining what had happened to Melony, and for that I am forever grateful.

Let's see, what else has been going on? Oh, in December, Ashton moved in with me and Melony. He's a great person to have around, plus he can always reach the top shelf. Melony's going to be starting school in a few weeks. The school she goes to is kinda weird, they start school in April and end in December, and she'll be going to school with older kids and I'm kind of worried about that. Michael and Ashton say she'll be fine, I sure hope so.

Ashton's POV

Holy crap, has it really been six months? A lot has happened; I moved in with Tanya and Melony on New Years Eve, I went on tour in mid-January with the guys, oh my god I missed Tanya so bad during that tour! The boys and I got home from the tour last month, in early March, and we released our first ep! Michael even managed to get a girlfriend on this tour, he met her at the Los Angeles show, he totally derped in front of her. I'll let him tell you that story, it's pretty funny.

Anyways, about the tour, it was great! The boys and I toured all of California (again), Texas, Florida, Illinois, it was just so great! The only down side was not having the people we love the most with us, none of the girls came. Luke was the worst, he called Mia at least twice a day, everyday. Their conversations always went a bit like this,


mia? are you okay? is everything alright?

yes luke I'm fine. What are you doing?

what do you mean by fine? do you mean fine as in you need something or fine as in your good?

LUKE! I'm fine!

Then they'd just go on talking about baby stuff that I didn't bother to listen to. Those two are so meant for each other, it's scary.

Calum's POV

These past few months have been absolutely great! Besides the tour, Monse and I moved in together. We bought the house next to where I used to live, so now it goes (from left to right) Monse and I, Mia, Luke, and Michael, and Tanya, Melony, and Ashton.

Not much else has been going on lately, I mean I turned 19 in January, but it was no big deal. I remember my birthday was the day before the boys and I had to leave for the tour, and Mia and Monse (Tanya was already on tour) baked me a cake and Mel pushed my head in the cake, she's really the cutest kid on the planet!

Monse's POV

Moving in with Calum was the best decision I've ever made. Here's what happened, on Thanksgiving, I wanted to go over to Calum's house for dinner, and my parents knew that I wanted to do this. As soon as I was about to walk out the door, my dad said something about Calum being a stupid, wanna be rockstar who needs to get a sensible job.

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