Chapter 6

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*I realise that on my Instagram account I posted this in two parts... I thought that was a bit mean to do on here... so... I have merged both parts into one! Please enjoy!*

~Andy's POV~

I opened the door and there he was.

He was lying on his bed on his phone. It looked as if he had already unpacked his bags because already away.

He hadn't realised I had walked in yet.

He was looking at his phone, smiling. He looked cute. The sun was setting outside, the rays fell through the window perfectly, falling onto his head and face.

It lit up his hair to make a gorgeous light chestnut colour. This eyes shone with happiness at what he was looking at on his phone. He smiled and I swear in that moment, he was the cutest thing I had ever laid my eyes on.

I must have moved or something because he then looked up at me.

I realised that I had been staring at him for a few minutes now and immediately felt my cheeks get hot.

Then he spoke

The Boy - "Hi, you must be my new roommate."

He got up and walked towards me. Once he reached me he offered his hand.

I shook it.

The Boy - "I'm Ryan, but you can call me Rye."

Andy - "Nice to meet you, Rye. I'm Andy."

His hand was so soft and warm. I felt as if I never wanted to let go. I looked into his deep brown eyes, and I was again caught in the traps that he had set...

Then he pulled away and I was standing in the doorway looking like a complete idiot.

I closed the door as I had just realised that I hadn't closed it earlier. Then made my way to my bed.

Andy - "I hope you don't mind that I picked the bed first"

Rye - "No, no... it's fine. I was going to let you pick anyway."

He was laying back on his bed on his phone again. His hair was a mess, and yet perfect.

God he looked good.

Immediately after thinking that, I regretted it. No way was I going to let history repeat itself. I am not getting myself caught up in this shit again...

I turned away from him and went towards my bed.

I lay down and stared at the ceiling. I was watching the shadows move across the walls and ceiling when I heard a noise.

I looked over to Rye's side of the room and saw him looking at me.

I sat up and that was when he spoke.

"I have classes early tomorrow, is it okay we sleep now? I know it's a little early..."

I cut him off.

"No it's fine, I was getting tiered anyway.

~Rye's POV~

I smile at him then stand up to get changed. I notice him looking me through the mirror, I didn't let him see me looking at him but I couldn't help but notice his eyes following me.

They scanned down my bare back before I saw his cheeks go red and him turn away, shaking his head. Was something wrong?

After putting on my pyjamas, I slipped into bed. And looked the opposite way to him, facing the wall.

I heard him move around, but didn't move. He turned off the lights and closed the curtains. Eventually I heard him climb onto his bed.

My eye lids started to feel heavy, I closed them softly faded away.

~Andy's POV~

His breath slowed down and he started to snore softly, it was kind of cute.

I put my phone down and laid on my bed. Once again I looked to the ceiling, just listening to his soft methodic breathing.

His snores were, yes, slightly annoying. But cute at the same time.

Thinking back to all the moments that I have had with him so far. When I first saw his fabulously perfect hair, the first time his gorgeous brown eyes met mine, the first time I saw him in the room.

In that moment I smiled.

But it was a short lived moment.

I thought about what happened before. I shouldn't have let myself do that. I promised myself I wouldn't do anything during the first year, especially not in the first week. I have to control myself.

I can't let it happen again.

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