Chapter 3

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~Andy's POV~

He took me around the school, showing me where everything was. It was so big. There were 3 different buildings that I would have my classes in.

Students lined the halls, getting things out of their lockers or talking to friends and teachers. I passed a group of people and immediately got the feeling of someone watching me. I turned around to see and saw those deep brown eyes. The same ones I saw 20 minutes ago.

We made eye contact, it was if I couldn't look away. He smiled and I felt my face getting hot. I didn't realise I was still staring until Sonny came back to get me.

Sonny - "Come on, your room is down this way."

I blindly followed him, trying to keep my head down and to clam my reddened face. I dodged all the people in the halls and tried to keep up with Sonny.

Eventually we ended up in the dormitory's. We walked down and Sonny showed me my room.

Sonny - "This is you. I hope to see you around Andy."

I looked at the door and went to thank him.

Andy - "Thanks Sonny..."

I turned to face him but he was already halfway down the hall, walking to what looked to be his friends.

'Oh well' I thought.

I turned back to the door and opened it. I guess this is where I'll be staying then. Then I walked through the door.

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