Car Crash

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After getting the car packed up Colby and I began our long road trip to a water park that's four hours away. I thought it'd be a great idea to film there and make a whole water park vlog. Also there's like some abandoned museum that Colby really wants to explore with me.

He glanced over at me from the drivers seat to see the excited smile on my face which made a smile grow on his lips as well. We've had this trip planned for a week now and the excitement only grew with each day that passed.

"Are you as excited as me?" I asked turning to look at him.

"Uh are you kidding? Yes I'm excited to spend the next four days with my girl." He said in a duh voice making me laugh at him. I decided to turn on some music to make this more of a fun car ride. He laughed at my song choice like he always does. Colby and I don't really listen to the same music so he laughs every time he hears the music I turn on.

He tried to sing along with the person but failed causing me to bust out laughing at him. He looked at me pretending to be hurt that I laughed at him.

"Am I that bad?" He asked jokingly but I was laughing so hard all I could do was shake my head yes. He playfully rolled his eyes as he smiled feeling pleased that he made me laugh.

When the song went off he told me to turn on a song he's been listening to lately and I did. This time I turned it around on him and tried singing along but failing at it. He started to laugh at me as he shook his head.

"Don't stop," he said when I stopped, "your amazing." He grinned. I just laughed and shook my head no.

"No more music." I smiled as I turned it off. He didn't listen to me and turned it back on making me smile.

"Ok I'll just keep singing." I shrugged with a smirk on my face. "No." He stated as he reached a hand over to tickle me. I laughed uncontrollably in my seat as he tickled me. I tried shoving his hand away but he wouldn't let me.

"Please...stop!" I laughed loudly making him smile hearing me laugh. He looked over at me to see I was a mess in my seat laughing and struggling. He stopped and let me catch my breath but I decided to get him back.

"Your turn," I grinned as I began to tickle him and make him laugh just like I did.

"No y/n stop I'm driving!" He laughed as he tried tearing my hand away from his stomach. I didn't listen as I tickled him making him laugh harder. He grabbed both my hands with his and pushed me away.

"Colby stop!" I yelled when I noticed him on the wrong side of the road where an on coming car was headed right for us. He tried slamming on the breaks but it was too late and we slammed right into them.

The impact was so strong the other car caused ours to flip upside down. I opened my eyes after closing them to see we were hanging upside down. I choked on the seatbelt and broken glass from the windshield that busted and flew in my face.

"Y/n," Colby choked out as I looked over to see him sitting there being choked by his seatbelt. His head was bleeding really bad and if we didn't get an ambulance now then he'd die.

"Colby I'm getting us help-." I began as I tried to unbuckle but he swung his arm over my chest stopping me.

"Don't," he coughed, "it's not safe."

Someone came over to my window and said they called an ambulance. They said to hang tight and they'll be here soon. I noticed Colby's door is smashed against the guard rail and if he were to unbuckle then he wouldn't make it. He's squished up against the door and the steering wheel.

"Just hang in there please." I begged him as I grabbed his hand in mine.

"Y/n I'm not gonna make it-." He started but I cut him off not wanting to hear that.

"Yes you are!" I glared.

"No baby I'm not and we know that. My vision is already blurring and I can't feel my legs. But before I go I need you to know I love you so much. You mean the world to me y/n and there isn't any girl in the world I'd rather spend my life with than you." He admitted making tears form in my eyes.

"Please stop saying that Colby. Your going to make have to." I cried making his heart break.

"Sweetheart stop ruining those beautiful eyes with tears." He smiled softly.

"This is all my fault." I sobbed uncontrollably.

"No! Don't ever think or say that again! This accident was just that, an accident. Okay baby so stop blaming yourself." He warned me and I nodded.

"I love you." He assured with a sad smile.

"I love you too Colby." I cried.

I then heard sirens and looked out my broken window to see the ambulance approaching us. I smiled relieved before looking over at Colby to assure him.

"Babe look their-." I started when I saw his eyes were closed. My heart dropped and tears rushed down my cheeks harder than before.

"No! Colby wake up please! You can't die right now!" I screamed for him to wake up but he wouldn't. The paramedics got me out and Colby too. They put me on a stretcher even though I tried with everything in me to get over to Colby where they put him in a body bag.

I screamed and cried as they held me down and put me into the ambulance then drove off to the hospital.

"We have to go back for him! He needs me!" I screamed angrily at the paramedics.

"Please calm down so we can help you." One of them told me but I didn't.

"I'm sorry he's gone." The other apologized feeling saddened for me. I shook my head no as I watched the road fly by on the way to the hospital.

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