Chapter 1

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Third person POV

It's been 5 years since Jeongyeon, Tzuyu, and Somi left Korea. Jeongyeon finally graduated at the age of 20 and created The YOO corporation.

The corporation has been thriving ever since creation. It has been on the number 1 spot since 2 years ago.

Jeongyeon is trying to forget what happened in the past but failed as Nayeon was his first love compared to Mina that is. Mina was just Jeongyeon's crush. Meaning of "Crush." Means Jeongyeon just admired her. No special feelings or what so ever.

Tzuyu and Chaeyoung have been dating ever since 5 years ago when Chaeyoung went to America to see them.

Tzuyu is currently the company's Co-founder.

Chaeyoung and Tzuyu are finally seniors. Tzuyu is studying at Harvard while Chaeyoung Seoul National

Somi is now 5 years old turning 6 in a couple of months. She's now in Grade school due to her great intelligence.

"Hey, Tzuyu Hurry up! You guys will be late!" Jeongyeon shouted.

"Yea, Yeah!" Tzuyu said as she jumped down a flight of stairs carrying Somi. Causing Jeongyeon to have a mini-heart-attack.

"Yah! Tzuyu Be careful! You might drop Somi!"

"I know! And stop shouting."

"You stop Shouting!"

While they were bickering There Mr. Yang suddenly came into the house.

"Mr. Yoo please hurry the pilots are getting Impatient."

"Ahh...Really? There quite fast."

[Near the Private Jet]

"Take care you Two, Love ya!!" Jeongyeon said as he got out of the Jet.

He looked through the window finding Somi waving at him and He waved back in response.

He looked at his watch and notice it was already 7:50 P.M. He has a meeting today with The one of the biggest company in Korea.

"$hit, I'm late," Jeongyeon Said to himself before Running to his car and Driving to the office.

Jeongyeon got in early by a few minutes. Noticing that there were 5 people instead of one. They all were wearing masks making Him unable to recognize them.

"Uhh...Good morning?" Jeongyeon said to break the silence and the awkwardness in the room.

"Good morning. Mr.Yoo I assume?" One girl with a loud voice asks.

"Yes, that's me...And not to invade your privacy or anything...But why are you guys wearing a mask?" Jeongeon asks.

"You really don't recognize us don't ya?" The Guy who looks quite pale said. As they remove their masks Jeongyeon quickly recognize them.

"J-Jihyo?! Dahyun?! Momo!! Sana!!? Mina??" Jeongyeon said as he almost fell down his self from shock.

"Yes...We were lying that we have a company...We actually just wanted to see you. " Momo sincerely said.

"Ever since you left for no reason we've been asking Chaeyoung why," Mina said as she scratches her neck.

"He told us that you were just in America. For a Short Vacation. Didn't know 5 years was your kind of short vacation." Dahyun Sarcastically said.

"Yah! Lub! Don't talk to your hyung like that!" Sana said as she slapped Dahyun's arm.

As we were talking we heard a knock on the door. "Huh? There's more?" Jeongyeon asks them.

"Of course she just went out for awhile while waiting for you of course," Jihyo said.

Jeongyeon stood up and went to the door. Before opening it He inhales and exhales deeply hoping that the person behind this door is not who he thinks. He closed his eyes and opened the door

"Hello, I'm Yoo Je—" He was cut off by the feeling he was being hugged. He opened his eyes and saw The person he has been avoiding all his life. The reason why he was in America.

"Jeongyeon! Why leave me there Huh? I thought you were my friend." Nayeon said as she looked at Jeongyeon.

"Friend? A friend you betrayed?! A friend is that what call it?! You sold my house! You sold a freaking house that wasn't even yours, Nayeon!" Jeongyeon scoffed

The 5 people suddenly looked at them. "Yah! Jeongyeon what are you doing to Nayeon?! Didn't you know she waited 5 years just to see you?" Jihyo argued.

"Jihyo, Didn't you know Nayeon is one of the reasons I moved to America? Didn't Nayeon tell you?" Jeongyeon sarcastically said.

"Hyung! She did nothing wrong! She even went back to the treehouse and took care of it!" Dahyun argued.

"Dahyun...Did you know Nayeon sold the house to JUNGKOOK without my Permission?" Jeongyeon said.

All of them looked at Nayeon at shock. Nayeon didn't tell them that. Nayeon only told them Jeongyeon left without any reason.

"Nayeon-Unnie is that true?" Mina questioned Nayeon.

"What? What is true?" She responded

"Unnie stops acting dumb, we know your smart enough to know what's true!"

"It's True Okay! It's true that I sold the house to Jungkook. It's true I betrayed Jeongyeon's trust. But the one lie I told him is

Me and Jungkook dating."

Jeongyeon looked at her confused as He has been believing they two have been dating.

"Believe me or not Jungkook just forced me."

"B-but Unnie? Why did you give in to him that quickly?!" Sana asked.

"He told me he's gonna fire Jeongyeon. But he only promises to go out for 1 day."

"Pftt—Fire me? But he already broked his promise of not firing me. That's why I don't trust anyone except family." Jeongyeon said and he slammed the door as he got out.

"Noona was that true?" Momo asks. Nayeon nodded in response Momo was always Nayeon's baby. No matter how old he was. "So you're the one Jeongyeon was talking about when he said someone is the cause of why he only accepted a few employees."

"Sorry Noona, but I don't trust you anymore after you not telling the whole truth just because you're at fault," Dahyun said as she stood up and went out followed by Sana.

"Sorry Unnie but Dahyun is right. You've been always been that girl. Causing misunderstanding between all of us. You weren't telling a lie you also weren't telling the truth." Sana said before going out followed by Mimo And Jihyo.

But before Jihyo got out Nayeon held her wrist. "You don't trust me to do you? Why don't you just trust me! I promise I'll always tell the truth the whole truth!"

"Nayeon, promises are meant to be broken," Jihyo said leaving Nayeon alone in the room.

Nayeon was just there standing alone in a room in a dark cold room. She couldn't believe that her friends also didn't trust her.

"What did I do? I told them the truth right? I told them! I didn't lie!" Nayeon grabbed her hair in anger and sat down.

"I didn't do anything wrong, right?! They'll forgive me Right?! They're my friends! Of course, they'll forgive me!" Nayeon said coffidently.

"But...Will they really forgive me?"

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