017; flashback

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Awsten hasn't lived with someone else for a long time now.  He's an odd mix of excited and nervous to be moving in with Emily, especially so soon into their relationship.  The move puts him far from his family and friends, clear on the opposite end of town on the outskirts of the city.

He'd told Emily his concerns on that front and he fell for her easy dismissal of it.  He can't shake it from his mind now, the way she gave him this look that he knew would make him do just about anything in the world and she told him that he was all she needs and asked if she was all he needed too.  He remembers her words exactly.

"Aws, babe," she had started off, her voice soft and sweet, "you're all I need.  No one else even matters." She paused, reaching up and caressing his cheek just lightly enough to make him turn his head towards her to chase her touch.  She doesn't give him what he wants though, moving her hand back when he leans towards her so that she's still barely touching him.  "Do you not feel the same?  Do you need more...am I not enough for you?"

He fell right into it and hasn't second-guessed it for even a moment.  He assured her that he felt that same and that he could never hope for anything more than her.  It's a big thing for either of them to be saying so soon in their relationship but Awsten would say it all over again if it made her smile like that again, or kiss him like that again with her hand gently resting on his cheek in the touch he had chased uselessly only moments ago.  He's not really very willing to acknowledge the odd way in which Emily gives out her displays of affection.

In the beginning, it was any time and all the time and Awsten got addicted to it, to her.  Then she pulled back just a little.  After that, it became, in an odd way, like a reward system.  If he did or said what she wanted, she would give little displays of affection that left him craving more, making sure to keep it short enough to leave him wanting more.  She'd kiss him for half a second and then sit back and watch him scramble to figure out how to make her want to kiss him again.  She liked watching him try, astounded by how much he always seems willing to do for her.

She takes advantage of it in ways Awsten will never admit to, and really doesn't even see because he's so blinded by being in love with her.  She started off small, asking random little favors of him, then it became increasingly more just to see how far she could make him go.  Almost every time, he dropped what he was doing just to do whatever she asked of him so he could see her smile.  All she really has to do is give him that well-practiced look and the sweet, soft, loving tone and he'll do just about anything because he fell so hopelessly in love so fast.  It feeds into Emily's narcissistic tendencies more than any past relationship ever has.  It's an odd little power trip for her, having someone so willing to dote on her so loyally.  It makes her feel special and important and, honestly, like royalty.  She loves those feelings, and she wants to keep Awsten around so he can keep giving them to her.

That was the whole point of asking him to move in.  She knows it's a lot more difficult to control him from far away, despite her enjoying the thought of him making the long drive across town just because she asked him too.  With him here, his friends and family can't get in the way as much as they do now.  The rare times that he hadn't gone out of his way to do some random task for her have all been because of them.  Cutting them out of the equation by getting him to move in with her erases that problem and she'll have him all to herself.

She doesn't much enjoy sharing him.  She wants to keep him as her own, make herself his sole focus.  She likes it that way, she likes being important and cherished in all the ways he always makes her feel.  As much as she got him addicted to her, she became addicted to all the ways he made her feel.  She knows it isn't intentional on his side the way it is on hers.  He's not looking for anything other than love from her.  She expects a lot more from him and he's almost always there to give it.  She wants to take away that almost and make it always.  She wants to bring him home with her and keep him as her own.

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