The Boy Likes The Girl Chapter 1

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Hey guys. Before you start to read I want to tell you that, this is just a preview of a story.

This story is coming soon, I'm not writing it now.

It's just something for you to look forward to.

I was so excited I wanted to share it with you guys.

I hope you like it!


"Erica! Do you want t ride or not!" Tessa yelled.

"Shut the hell up, I'm coming!" I yelled back.

"Erica" my mom scorned.

"Sorry," I muttered coming down the stairs.

"You're wearing that?" Tessa asked.

"At least I'm wearing something,"

"Whatever, let's go," she said.

"Bye mom," we called.

"Bye," she called after us.

I got into Tessa's car, which is our dad's old car, and headed to school.

"Okay freshman, we don't know each other, deal?"


"Get out of the car," she said once we reached the school entrance.

"Later," I said and slammed the door.

"Don't slam the door!" she hollered back at me.

"Whatever," I yelled.

I walked to my homeroom and sat in my seat. I took out my Ipod and turned it up.

As you can see, I'm not the happiest chick in the coop. But I have a reason to be.

My life sucks.

My dad left when I was young and my mom is a drunken hoe. House sells-man by day hooker by night.

My sister is on that same path.

I take care of myself and only myself.

It's easier that way.


I was at my locker getting ready for lunch, which I had with Miles and Everett my best friends.

"Hey," a deep voice said behind me.

I turned around and there stood a random dude.

"Who are you?" I asked rudely.

"Ricky Green. You?"

"None ya,"

"Sexy and feisty. I like a challenge,"

"Ew," I said closing my locker. "Leave and never come back,"

"You must be a freshman,"

"I am. Now, leave!"


"Because, I don't like you,"

"But I like you," he said leaning down.

"And I like my personal space,"

He chuckled. "You'll fall for me in time. I'll put you on top of my 'to do' list,"

"Ew, screw you!" I said walking away.

"You will!"

I shuddered as I headed to lunch.




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