Chapter Eleven

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~Two days later~

As the brunette and Green haired girls walked through the busy streets of Japan, they come across the BakuSquad.

The five bitchy-assed people, with Bakugou in the lead, walk over to the pair with stupid smiles on their faces. Mina steps forward with a quick thing to say:

"So, froggy made a friend? Honestly, could have chosen a better candidate." Mins scrunches up her nose with disgust.

The pair slowly look at each other and smirk. Small giggles erupt from the pair, with giggles turning to laughter.

"You know, Mina? You are just as stupid as the others say." Ochaco says between laughter. "You could do better than these three dumbasses. And, try fix your hair. It looks like a rats nest." The (cutest) couple walk away still laughing. Mina couldn't believe what just happened.

"I can't believe you said that too her!" Tsuyu says as the laughter dies down. "You exited to go back to school? Yay, Monday...."

"Ugh, I know. I hate the stupid 'BakuSquad'. Why are they even aloud to be at this school?" The brunette asks as they turn into the schools gates.

"They are gifted..? I guess........? I don't know. I hate most of them, to be honest."

"Don't we all? Don't, we, all."

The pair enter the shoe locker and change their shoes.


Everyone had FINALLY moved into the new dorm rooms. And, after the 'Girl Takeover', many had gone to bed. The few left in the common room were: Iida, Ochaco, Shoto, Izuku and Tsuyu.

The five were talking about random things, mainly school. That was until Ochaco spoke up about something different.

"Uhmm, I have something to say.. and I don't want to be awkward about it.. so."

"Well, you know you can trust us." Izuku says, holding onto the brunette's shoulder.

"Okay... Just watch." And with that, Ochaco pulls Tsuyu close and gives her a short, quick kiss to the lips. The two pull away and turn to the male human beings. All three of them had their mouths wide open with confusion and amazement. "So, Uh... what do you think?"

"Awwwwwwwwwweeeeee! I can't! You are so cute together!" Izuku exclaims, jumping out of his seat and giving the two a huge hug. The hug was long and comforting as the two girls start running out of breath.

Iida and Todoroki look at each other and blush at the eye contact (you picking up what I'm putting down?).

When everyone was tired, they headed to bed with small goodbyes. The girls said goodbye and parted ways and Uraraka opened the door to her dorm. She sighed as she closed it behind her, hear breath a little shaky. The anxiety and worry may have gone.. but something was coming.

With a bored mind, she went to her closet to grab a coup,e clothing items. Short, shorts and a long t-shirt was the main thing she wore to bed when she was at the dorms. She snuggled up under the covers and imagined her beautiful girlfriend.

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