Chapter Three: The Guilt

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The next morning, June and I were in the car heading to the school, she were still angry at me and were looking at the window

(Y/N): ...June I'm sorry for what I said, I just can't offered buying an android at this time...can you ever forgive me?

June were shaking her head and I sigh looking depress

(Y/N): come on sweetie, do you want to get anything before we head to school?

June shake her head as she were still looking at the window

(Y/N): are you sure what about some those sweet you like so much

June didn't shake her head and didn't respond in any way, which could mean a yes in my thought

(Y/N): alright we still to buy some sweet at the sugar sweet shop that will make you happy, right?

June didn't respond and still look at the window

(Y/N): okay...let's get going....

When we arrive to the shop, I push the break and park my car in the parking lot

(Y/N): June do you wanna come to the shop with me?

June shake her head while looking at the window where at the other side of the road were showing androids displaying on the windows

(Y/N): well okay just don't get out of the car alright

I left the car and head into the shop meanwhile June were looking at the androids on the other side of the road and were really upset

June: why can't I have android like everybody else it's not fair!

June crosses her arms with a grump face and look at the people walking by with androids

June: if mommy was here she would have said yes...I hate dad, I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!

June were kicking the chair and screaming out loud

June: it's not fair! It's not fairrrrrrrrrrr!

Meanwhile at the shop, (Y/N) were finishing off paying the sweets at the counter and got his receive from the android

Android Cashier: Thank you for shopping at Sugar sweet, see ya again soon

(Y/N): oh uh...your welcome, thanks for the receive

As I was about to leave the shop, I saw this woman shouting and hurting her android with a handbag which I believes it's her own

Woman: I told you for the last time this isn't what I want you stupid waste of a machine!

AP700: I'm sorry I just thought you ask for this sort of thing

Woman: wait...did you just you thought?

AP700: yes ma'am I did

The woman got angry and hit her handbag on the Android over and over again

Woman: don't think at all, you obey your masters!

AP700: sorry ma'am I will-

Woman: you android s should be burn alive, why the hell did those damn Cyberlife have to make evil machines like you!

As the woman was about to go for another hit, I grab her arm and stop her from hitting the android

(Y/N): that's enough!

Everyone stop shopping and look at me as I stop the woman from hitting the android again

Woman: who the hell are you?

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