Chapter 14.3

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Maxine climbed out from the waterless riverbed and walked back to the road. Kat followed behind, filled with questions but scared to ask. There was commotion around the car that was impaled and Maxine swore.
"We need to find a new ride," she said. She scanned the roads for any single drivers going past. One guy had one hell of a night and was hooting away in the traffic caused by the impaled car, as people were slowing down to get a glimpse of the vehicle.
"Perfect," Maxine said and walked over to the car. Both her and Kathryn were unseen to the mortals and Maxine phased her hand through the driver's window, touching the guy's shoulder then her body turned into black mist with a hue of purple which flowed into the man's mouth, nose, ears and eyes. His body twitched and from the same holes, blue light was expelled. The man stiffened then was relax. 
"Get in," the man said to Kathryn who stood with a dropped jaw. As she got into the vehicle, a few people behind the car wondered how the door just magically opened but assumed it must have been a custom mechanical design.
Kathryn looked at the man.
"All of this must be killing you inside," the man spoke, "Ask away."
Kathryn did not hold back, "YOU'RE A FUCKING DEMON?" 
"How the hell did you get here? How do you even exist?"
"Kuro can make rifts and he brought me here from Hell. And my parents fucked and had me."
"What did you do this guy? You can possess people?"
"The answer to that first one is in the second. Yes, I can possess people. A skill notably granted to demons."
"How have you remained hidden all this time?"
"Perks of being in The Order. All of us who wear the symbol on our bodies are masked by Kuro's essence."
That was an interesting fact and Kat was sure to remember that. She continued as Maxine drove.
"What happens to the guy's soul?"
"It's destroyed."
Demons were known to have an essence that corrupts and changes the characteristics and build of other essences. Where reapers lie in having the ability to pacify essence of any kind, of course depending on the strength of the reaper, a lesser demon is strong enough to kill even the most revered acolyte if at any moment its essence corrupts that of the acolyte. 
Kathryn recalled Maxine's skin during the fight, including the horns. Never had she seen something so heinous yet she was still amazed - it was cool to her.
"Did you confirm your kills?" Maxine asked.
"What? The acolytes? Yeah, I killed them off."
"I counted only three presences deceased. There were four acolytes..."
"The one that disturbed you, the other I burned, then that other one..."
"Did you confirm the kill on the first one you struck?" Maxine then shot a look at Kat who was now unsure.
"An impact like that should have killed him," she said.
Maxine exhaled heavily.
"This man's body is filled with nicotine and alcohol. I'm going to be sick. We need to stop at a gas station."
"What about that acolyte?"
"If we go back there now, we may run into more. We need to get Seth."
Kathryn hung her head in worry and hoped that her brother and Seth were alright.


Blades clashed and each impact was deafening as Seth seethed with rage. He pushed forward and slashed away at Nathan who stood calmly, his eyes watching each dagger thrust at him and his one hand wielding his scythe and parrying each attack. 
"Daniel, feel free to jump in at any time!" Seth said mid-attack.
"Why would I ever do something so dishonourable?" He retorted.
Nathan smirked, "Kuro has much to teach you, boy. A reaper fights with honour, a one on one battle."
Any wanderer that has come across an actual reaper or acolyte would argue otherwise but Seth knew that this battle would be cut short as Nathan held back his attacks with just one hand. Almost ten minutes had gone by and he had not attacked Seth. 
Seth withdrew, giving some distance between himself and his opponent. He prepared for another lunge but Nathan stepped in, covering the four metres between them in a single movement and with a finger he blasted Seth right through the house. 
Daniel readied himself to fight Nathan, but at this point, Kathryn's plan failed and his best option was to plead for forgiveness.
Seth got up from the debris and found himself among the rubble of the neighbouring house.
"Hmm, you have immaculate instincts," Nathan complimented, "But this is a waste of my time. Show me the power of your blade."
Seth was confused for a second. What had he been doing for the last few minutes?
Nathan sighed and held his scythe out horizontally, pointing at scythe. Seth immediately sidestepped thinking an attack was coming.
He was right, but what he did made no difference.
Seth was in darkness. The world around him had disappeared and it was just him and Nathan.
"Rigor mortis," Nathan said and Seth knew what that meant and couldn't move his body.
"The third stage of death," Nathan walked closer to Seth, his scythe remaining in mid-air.
"But...that only affects-"
"The living? It wouldn't be a stage of death if you were alive, now would it? You died, and thus your body went through the various stages of death known to mortal medical science. However, the body and soul are one. In this form, you're also dead, technically speaking. You still fall under the effects of death," Nathan grinned, "You can still die, obviously. Pallor mortis, the paleness of the body after death. Much like us souls, we lack colour and the light blue tint of our pigment is the essence flowing in us. Algor mortis, a change in temperature for the body. But for the soul, the moment the link is broken between the body and the soul, your core becomes rampant, trying to leave the body. And you surely know, that without being reaped, your core spikes and turns you into a ghoul. Algor mortis kicks in when you're reaped out of the vessel and your core learns to sustain itself without the protection of flesh and bone. Luckily, that's where the stages of death for a soul end. The soul then continues to live out its eternal life. Unless something like this happens."

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