My New Family Problems---3

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My New Family Problems, that turned my World Upside Down

Chapter 3

~~~~~~~Next day after the wedding~~~~~~~

"You're mom was beautiful!" Exclaimed Massie.

"Yeah really." Agreed Gwen.

Alicia looked over to where her boyfriend was bringing drinks and then back at us. "Who was that cutie standing beside your new dad?"

"He is NOT my dad!" I growled. "And that was Robin. He's Jamison's son. The girls on my right were Jamison's daughters. Twins. The one with blond hair is Sarah and the one with brown streaks in her blond hair is Zarah."

"They're cute. In a younger sister way."

"Oh look if it isn't Alicia's baaaabyyyyy?" Massie mocked as we all took our drinks from Alicia's boyfriend.

"Leave my Acell alone!" Alicia complained.

Acell wrapped his arms around his girlfriend’s waist and then spoke to us. "Did you girls know that Braylon and his brother are here?"

Massie choked on her drink for a second.

"Uuuuuuugh!!!!!!!!!! Don't remind me." I moaned.

"You knew they were here?"

"Unfortunately. Massie they're staying at my house. I didn't want to...Wait MASSIE! Massie where are you going?" I tried to follow her as she stormed off, but ended up running into someone else instead.

It knocked me off balance and sent me flying backwards towards the floor. Hands caught my wrists and stopped me mid-fall.

"My goodness Miss. I am solo sorry Miss. I didn't see you. Are you....."He paused and looked at me as he helped me stand up, but he still never let go. "Okay?"

"Ummm yeah I'm okay. I'm so sorry I didn't mean to run into you. I was uh casing after a friend of mine." I stood on my tiptoes looking for Massie with no luck. She was know where in sight.

"No the fault is all mine miss." He had a little bit of a British accent. I was getting ready to reply when someone else stepped in.


"Ahhh Braylon my good sir."

"Cut the accent. This ones smarter then your average chick." The guy Braylon called Zane cleared his throat.

"Well a guy can try can't he?"

I scoffed and mumbled. “Boys are idiots." But they didn't hear me.

"Where's Aunt Jean?"

"Braylon, Braylon, Braylon. Be patient. Your Aunt and my dad will be here soon enough." Zane said in a carefree voice.

He still had my wrists in his hands and I looked down at them. "Ummm before you two start arguing.... do you mind letting go of me?" I asked. His hands did the opposite. I bit my lip at the pain shooting up my arm.

"Tell me your name miss." He demanded.

"Cut the fake accent." I growled and his hands tightened causing me to yelp a little.

"Let her go!" Braylon snapped. His hands got tighter and I was about to shout when a hand came on Zane's shoulder.

"Now, now Zane. I would advise you not to hurt my new little sister." Zane looked at him then back at me. Robin raised his eyebrows and gestured to my hands.

"Now!" Robin demanded through clenched teeth.

"Sorry miss. See you real soon." He kissed my cheek. Zane's hands disappeared as he walked away. All three of us watched him as he vanished into the crowd.

"How bad did he hurt you?" Robin asked worriedly.

"It didn't hurt." I lied.

"Oh really?" He wiped a tear from my cheek that I didn't know was there. I immediately brought my palm to my cheek and wiped the rest of the water away. So glad that I had wore waterproof make-up. I hid my face, ashamed that I had slipped some tears in front of my new brother and Braylon. "Hey now. Look at me." Robin stuck his thumb up under my chin and made me look at him. "You look tired. Maybe I should take you home."

"No. No! I’m fine. I just have to find Massie."

"Massie's here?"

"Yeah. What's it to you Braylon?" He never said anything.

"Ummm Robin I'm gonna go see if I can find my friend I'll meet you out front when mother and your dad leave okay?"

"Sure thing Emberlee." And with that I left to go find Massie only to find out that she had left.

~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Hour later ~~~~~~~~~~~

"You ready to go Emberlee?" Robin asked. His sisters, Braylon and Braylon’s brother were behind him. I looked at my friends and back at Robin.

"Sure. Bye girls and Acell."

"Hey!" Acell whined. I laugh as I walk away.

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