Chapter 9

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Miracle POV

"And where in the HELL have you been," Blessing frowned at me as I walked into the house.

I cheesed, "over my babe house"

"Who?" She mugged me.


"The Waffle House nigga?"

I sighed, "the nice, caring, and loving nigga"

"For TWO days?!?!"

"I needed to clear my mind"

She placed her hands on her hips, "from what exactly?"

I sat on the couch, "a lot"

"We got time"

I rubbed my face as I got ready to spill the beans.

"Me and Chris fucked....twice"

She bucked her eyes, "WHAT"

"Yeah....the last time we fucked was two days ago an the first time was when I got drunk after that club"

"Sooooo....what the fuck Devonte got to do with didn't fuck him too did you?"

I sighed


"What was I suppose to do....Chris didn't wanna start anything with I went to Devonte"

"The fuck you mean....I TOLD you this would happen...I said you would catch feelings,"she shook her head. "But sis fuckin TWO niggas round the same time...ain't it"

"I know I me and Devonte date"

She busted out laughing, "You're fuckin sad......SAD....what's wrong with being single?"


She shook her head, " it's never that serious"

Chris POV

"Dadddyyy," Royalty smiles running to me.

"What's up roro"

"I'm picking her back up next week," Nia stated before pulling off.

"Daddy I want some ice cream," she cheesed.

"Ok let's go put your things up then we're gonna go to cold stone"


"Daddy my ice cream good

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"Daddy my ice cream good...look I have sparkles"

I chuckled, "sprinkles baby.....but I bet it don't taste better than mine"

but I bet it don't taste better than mine"

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"You ice cream is bored," she frowned.

I laughed at her seriousness.

As we continued to eat I heard loud laughter coming from across the room. I looked over to see Miracle and Devonte.

They had just finished their ice cream and was getting ready to leave.

"Oh hey Chris," Devonte smiled. "And this must be your daughter Royalty"

Royalty mugged the shit outta him...I couldn't do nothing but laugh.

"Hi I'm Miracle," she cheesed at her.

Royalty smiled, "I'm Royalty," she waved.

"What's up Chris," she nodded at me.

I nodded back.

"Well we'll leave you two...bye Royalty," she smiled walking away.

"Daddy she's pretty," Royalty cheesed.

I stared off into space rubbing my chin, "I know baby.....she's gorgeous isn't she"

Royalty nodded, "you should have a baby with her"

I snapped my head towards her frowning.

"Where is this coming from?"

She shrugged her shoulder, "she's have babies with pretty I lonely," she pouted.

I laughed, "sweetheart you have me"

"NO!....I want you to get with Miracle...she's awesome...and make pretty babies"

"Royalty you are only 5 years old...where are you getting this from"

"My mind"

"Hurry up so we can leave baby"

Miracle POV

We all loaded Chris Private jet with our bags then we got settled. Devonte and I and Chris dem we're headed to Miami for a little trip. Once Blessing heard about it she jumped along.

"Ayyeee where the drinks at," Blessing smiled rubbing her hands together.

Chris rolled his eyes, "who invited you"

"My sister...issue?"

He chuckled, "noPe"

"That's what the fuck I yellow fuck," she mumbled the last part.

"Babe I'll be back I have to use the restroom," Devonte stood up walking away.

"BAABBBBEE?!?!?!?" Chris frowned.

I smirked, "Yeah...babe"

He looked at me ready to tell it all...but he wouldn't dare. He just nodded...

Chris POV

So she wanna get boo'd up with THAT nigga. HA! wanna play games I see. Well guess WHAT I'm the beast at every let's play Mir Mir.......

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