Ch. 2 Flirty

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Joseph's family lives the town over from campus, so Sophie decided we'd go to the outlet mall to search for a dress.

Turns out, Aiden needs a date for his formal on Saturday, which is why he messaged me on Tinder in the first place. I thought it was a little bit suspicious that a boy that attractive needed to use Tinder to find a formal date. Maybe he already pissed off all the other girls he knows on campus. There's no way a face like that hasn't broken hearts.

Anyway, it's Friday and I need a dress for tomorrow. The only dresses I have with me are my interview dresses, and Sophie told me that she wouldn't let me leave the apartment wearing that to an STD formal. She's right, of course, because I would probably get mocked and laughed at if I showed up wearing that for a formal.

"That's too safe," Sophie says about the tenth dress I've tried on, in this store.

"Yeah, I'm thinking something a little more boobier."

"Joseph!" I widen my eyes.

"What? It's not like you have much boob to begin with."

"Joseph, shut up," Sophie says. She turns to me and places a hand on my shoulder. "But he's not entirely wrong, sweetie."

I crack a smile. "Gee, thanks, Soph."

"Oooo," she grabs a dress off the rack in the dressing room. "It's not your size, but look at how sexy it is! Joseph, honey, can you run and grab this from outside in her size?"

"This store is massive. It could be anywhere!"

Sophie waves her hand as a gesture for him to start hunting for it. Joseph rolls his eyes and leaves the dressing room, dropping his shoulders like a little boy.

She turns to me and hands me the black dress. "Do you like it?"

"There's barely any dress, Sophie," I say. "My body can't fill this dress." I sit down on the bench in the dressing room. "I'm just going to embarrass myself."

Sophie sits next to me and places a hand on my knee. "You're not going to embarrass yourself. You are a catch, Miss Brooklyn Chapman. Plus, you've got to remember, everyone is already going to be trashed by the time you get there. Who cares what drunk people think?"

I nod. "Yeah. I guess."

"Oh my gosh! Aiden just messaged you," Sophie hands me her phone and clicks on the Tinder App. "What does it say?" She asks while reading over my shoulder.

I read the three separate messages he sends in a row.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks again for doing this on such short notice!

Just wanted to let you know it's formal attire, if that wasn't obvious. Most girls usually wear short dresses. As opposed to long. Not like super short, I'm not asking you to wear a super short dress. Just not like a Prom dress. But you can if you want.

I'm sure you'll look hot in anything.

"Aw, he seems so sweet!"

I glance at Sophie. "You're kidding, right? I'm sure you'll look hot in anything. Barf."

"Okay, but like that's so cute how he wanted you to know that it's short dresses and —"

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