The Bad Boy Cupid & Me [ 32 ]

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"Nuh-uh. You're the one who mentioned spiders. Your fault."

"Shut up." I mumbled pathetically.

Reece chuckled, and it was the sweetest thing to hear at six in the morning.

We drifted into another comfortable silence, and for a moment, he looked so in thought, with his eyebrows knotted together and his jaw clenched, like he always does when he's contemplating.

His eyes flashed up at me. "Chloe?"


He was about to say something, maybe even ask me something. I just knew it from the way my heart pounded against my chest.

But he took everything back.

"We should get going." He said, passing over my jumper. "There's still a couple of more hours until we get there."

I quickly put on the clothing and nodded, watching him get up and run his fingers through his hair in frustration. I so desperately wanted to ask him what he was really about to say, but Reece had already dashed out of the tent.

Oh, Reece. What are you doing to me?


♕ Ashton De Ville ♕

Leaning back into the rich leather couches, I watched, captivated as the only girl that ever mattered in my life walked through the stadium doors, searching for a familiar face.

Chloe. My Chloe.

But, I knew that she'd never actually be mine again.

She took a seat much further away from where I was situated and politely declined a waiter who'd offered her a drink with a sweet smile. She still hadn't noticed my presence.

"Champagne, Sir?"

I tore my eyes away from Chloe's beautiful face and accepted the glass of sparkling Champagne. Bringing it to my lips, I smirked as an idea came to my mind.

She'd never be mine again, I knew that. But, that didn't mean I was willing to let her be someone else's either.

I gently tapped the young waiter beside me.

"You see that girl sitting there? The one with the crème blouse?"

The brunette boy nodded, his brown eyes landing on Chloe. I continued. "I'm going to speak to her. After I'm done, I need you to inform her that a gentleman by the name, Reece Carter, is waiting for her in his room and needs to talk to her before the Championships begin. Understood?" I finished, reticently placing a bill in his scarlet cashmere pocket.

The boy nodded once, obediently.

"Good." I grinned, pulling out my phone and tapping the call button. It took a while for her to pick up, I could almost imagine her contemplating to do so.

"What do you want?" Chantelle spat through the other line.

"Now, that anyway to speak to your beloved twin?"

I heard her sigh, "What do you want, Ash?"

"I need you to do something for me."

"Do what?"

I spent the next few minutes explaining my plan, when I was done, I waited patiently for her to say something.


"Excuse me?"

"No." She replied determinedly. "I won't do it."

I chuckled once. "What made you think you had a choice?"

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