Movies made the camping experience look like a dream come true, something completely unimaginable. A completely wild, crazy adventure.

In reality, camping for me, was the most uncomfortable experience of my life, starting from the fact that sleeping in a tent was a hundred and ten per cent different to my entire seventeen years of sleeping in a plush bed, to waking up at five-thirty in the morning, because there was a bird outside that was currently cheeping like a spastic.

But, if there was one thing that I currently wasn't too bothered about, it was the fact that a strong arm was currently draped around my waist, crushing me to the owner's stone-hard chest.

Like always, I couldn't find the right words to describe how handsome Reece was as he slept peacefully. I took the opportunity to stare at his perfect features, beginning with his long eyelashes, and the way his hair fell casually over his eyes. Without thinking, my fingers brushed it away from his face.

His eyes shot open immediately, looking right back at me.

My heart stopped beating for a fraction of a second, before I dared myself not to blush at the fact that he had caught me staring. What surprised me though was that instead of making a snide comment, he didn't say anything; Reece just continued to gaze at me with an unreadable expression. We just lay there next to each other in silence.

"There was a leaf in your hair." I finally made out, in my pathetic attempt at an excuse.


I frowned, "There was!"

"Okay, Princess." He yawned, stretching his arms, "Whatever you say."

I kept a straight face, "Okay you got me, there was no leaf."

He rolled his eyes, but his smirk never left his face, "Oh, really?"

"It was a spider." I finished.

His eyes instantly widened, "Don't fuck with me Chloe." He warned, "I swear, if this is some fuckin' joke..."He trailed, sitting up and looking around himself in paranoia.

I laughed, "It's nice to know how I can make you scream." I winked.

Reece blinked, registering my dirty joke.

Then, the next think I knew, he was on top of me, his face inches away from mine.

"Oh, Chloe." He began, his voice low and steady, making my breath hitch in my throat, "I thought I told you not to mess with me." He said against my neck, his lips barely brushing against my skin, "After all, I think I know how to make you scream, too." He finished, placing a soft, lingering kiss where he'd spoken, making me let out a soft sigh of pleasure.

"Hey Carter, you up yet bro? This fuckin' bird wont stop fuckin' chirping and-"Valentino pulled the tent zip down too fast for Reece to back up, leaving Valentino with a bewildered expression. "Oh, wow."

I squeezed my eyes shut, and mentally face-palmed myself. Before opening them and watching as Valentino's shocked look, turns into a super smug smile.

"Well...I see you guys are busy. I'm just gonna go make Dennis make me breakfast..."

"Val..." Reece warned, getting off of me, letting the cold morning air hit me.

Valentino held his hands up, looking innocent. "What?" He smiled. "I'm leaving, chill, woman." His attention turned to me for a split second before he left, "Have fun, Little C." He winked as he zipped up the tent again.

I turned around and groaned into my pillow. I knew I was not going to hear the end of it from Valentino.

"Your fault." I pointed accusingly at Reece who was looking at me amusedly.

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