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<P>it's time for a face off; <BR><BR>let's make things square. <BR><BR>one step ahead, <BR>i'm right in front of you; <BR>a smirk on my face, <BR>running backwards <BR>while you pant <BR>& try to catch up. <BR><BR>i'm here to denounce you; <BR>to take you off your throne of lies. <BR>I'm here start a revolution. <BR><BR>you know it, <BR>i know it <BR><BR>it's time for a face off. <BR><BR>for all the things you said <BR>when i wasn't around <BR>for all the things you did <BR>that'll hit the ground <BR>soon enought i'll be on top <BR>stepping on your ribs <BR>as you lie facedown <BR>on the floor <BR><BR>DEFEATED.</P>

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