Chapter 3: Guilt

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[Fit'z POV]


Fitz's eyes widened.

He was eating dinner with his family, the Vacker's quiet as they ate. But as soon as he heard Sophie's call for help, he shot up, knocking over his chair and glass in the process.

"Sophie! Needs – in trouble! Help!" In his state of panic and confusion, he couldn't seem to find the correct words.

Hold on Sophie. I'm coming! He hoped Sophie could hear him.

Della and Alden stared blankly at him. But Biana picked up on the issue, saying, "Sophie's in trouble!"

Fitz nodded vigorously. "I have to help her. She sent me an image of her location!"

Alden cleared his throat. "Fitz, calm down. Tell us slowly – what's wrong with Sophie?" His voice was calm, but his expression revealed his worry.

Fitz didn't have time for this. Sophie needed help! She was…

"Neverseen," he blurted, hoping his parents would stop questioning and just come along. Not waiting for a response, Fitz ran out of the dining room. He ran as fast as he could while nodding at Grizel to follow him.

He had to get to Atlantis, fast. He didn't know what trouble Sophie was in, but he felt his eyes burning with panic.

What if she's hurt? What if it's more than hurt? What if…

He stopped himself. Now was not the time to dwell on negative thoughts, only on saving Sophie.

He was wondering if she had clicked her panic switch and if Dex would already be there when he jumped into the whirlpool, Grizel right behind him.

Please be okay. Please Sophie, he silently begged.

"Sophie can handle herself," Grizel reassured Fitz when they arrived.

Fitz nodded and didn't wait for his family to come through, instead was running as fast as he could to get to the alleyway still freshly implanted in his mind.

He could tell Grizel was slightly worried about Sandor. But they both knew that Sandor could handle himself as well.

When he and Grizel stalked around a fountain, looking for signs of trouble, they saw no potential dangers.

The two made their way slowly into the alleyway, Fitz transmitting Sophie's name – he figured calling it out wouldn't give him the cognito effect that he was going for.

He spotted an unconscious figure on the floor, and immediately dropped to his knees beside it, Grizel doing the same next to him.

Fitz's breath caught in his throat.

It was Sophie.

Grizel checked for a pulse and nodded to Fitz, letting him know that her breathing was steady and her heart rate normal.

Sophie? Can you hear me? Stay with me, Soph.

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