Part 9

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We're in Sheffield, Brad and the boys have just came off stage and we're all in the tour bus to Newcastle now.

Ryan, my manager is getting sacked, I'm trying to find a new one but it's proper difficult. I want to ditch Ryan because he's telling me dating band members will ruin my image, which it honestly won't.

I'm talking to Joe about it, he's telling me he has connections to modelling agencies, but he can't promise me I'll get anywhere.

It's about twenty minutes after Joe and I were chatting about it and now he's sending me a guys number, the guy is called Daniel and he runs a modelling agency that the boys have done photo shoots for.

I text the number:

Me-hey, I'm friends with Joe O'Neill he referred me to you as you run a modelling agency and I'm looking to switch from Pasco Models because they're too controlling over my private life. I can send attached images of my previous shoots if needed, kind Regards Cara Prior x

I wait a while, kinda dreading a reply but then it comes,

Daniel-Hiya Darling, yeah I know Joe, send me an email of your shoots and I'll get back to you xx

I smile and do so, quickly moving from texts to email to email him my photos, I choose all my ASOS shoots and send them to him.

I quickly thank joe again while we step off the tour bus in Newcastle. I've not really spoken to Brad since before Sheffield because he came on the bus and went straight to him bunk, but he's waiting on me and he the lift to go up the floors of the hotel.

"Hey" he mutters as I walk over to him,
"hey" I say,
"what's up?" I ask
"I'm just tired, but I wanted to see you before I went to bed, so we can sort this date out" he says
"well we can do something when we get to Aberdeen if you want, and then something when you have the day off in Glasgow" I say as the lift starts to move
"okay yeah" he says his face breaking into a smile "you want to come to my room?" He asks,
"I woulda but you need your sleep love" I say "okay I understand" he says, his face dropping "I can come if you really want me to" I say
"I'd love it if you did" he says
"fine dickhead" I say
"bit rude" he says smiling
"as long as I can smoke on your balcony" I say
"as long as you share" he says,
I wink "maybe, maybe not" I say.

My signature phrase.

We're in his room just chilling, watching some TV show that Brads been watching.  I mean, Brads not really watching he's like asleep, but I'm caught up in the show to leave his room.

The episode ends and I turn off the TV, I grab the note book and pen before writing Brad a small note to let him know I left.

Went to my own room.
-your favee x

I tip toe back to my room and shut the door quietly. The hotel is dead quite, probably because it's about three in the morning.


"Cara!" Someone shouts banging on my room door and my eyes spring open.

I quickly get up and open the door, revealing Tristan, "hurry up come on, the bus is leaving for the venue in fifteen minutes" he says, my first instinct is to ask about Brad,
"where's Brad?" I ask
"I don't fucking know just hurry the hell up" he says rolling his eyes and jogs away.

I quickly put clothes on and pack my stuff before rushing down stairs.

Mostly everyone is there, except Brad.

"Where's Brad?" I ask Joe who's standing on his phone
"on the bus already" he says nodding to the door. 

I get on the bus and Brads sitting in the separate sitting room, looking onto the view behind the bus with a guitar and notebook.

"Hey" I say putting my bag down and joining him
"hey" he says looking up at me and smiling "what're you doing?" I ask
"catching fish, what the fuck do you think" he says
"piss off" I say
"nah I'm just trying to brainstorm some lyric ideas" he says
"oh that's pretty cool" I say
"I guess it is" he says
"I didn't realise you were my favourite by the way" he says smiling
"aren't I?" I ask, only half-joking,
"obviously you are" he says smiling at me, I blush and look away
"have I made you blush Cara?" He asks, tailoring his head to look at me, he moves his hand to move the hair from my face, tucking it behind my ear, so he can see me,
"No" I say moving my head again, but he places a hand on my cheek- the one facing away from him- and gently turns my head to look at him,
"you are" he says "my favourite face is blushing"
I blush harder, I feel my face burning up and becoming bright red, he lets his hand fall loose and he moves the hair from my eyes tucking it behind my ear again so he can look at me again,
"rumour has it I make you nervous Miss Prior" he says inching closer to me
"rumour has it I don't date band members" I say smiling
"rumour has it you're dating me" he says, millimetres from my lips.

His breath fanning my face, it smells minty but has the slightest hint of coffee in it. His lips have brushed mine, our noses are touching and our eyes are beginning to close as he goes to plant his lips on mine.

But then people laughing and talking while coming into the bus makes him let go of my cheek and pull his body back, from mine, before anyone could see us.

"W-want to hear eh my song or whatever?" He asks, stumbling over his words he's flustered.

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