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marnie.francis here's me posing in front of the Spider Man poster we saw on the street whilst Hugo laughs at the little boy who just told him that he looks like Spider Man. I personally don't see it tbh, but the poster is pretty cool though 🤷🏻‍♀️

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hugo_jamesson   he was right tho. i do look like that spider man dude! 😉
moriartyy.jackson yeah right! you look more like a lost puppy than freaking spider man!
hugo_jamesson   no arty! he said I looked like peter parker! duh! 🙄
moriartyy.jackson   oh rigghhhhtttt 🙄
hugo_jamesson   stop attacking me ☹️

user1   aww how cute! I totally ship them!
_perrycoutler eww they're like brother and sister bro! 😟
liamm.chavez    perry's right dude! 🤮

user why are they trying to be instagram famous? their just a bunch of kids from high school!
marnie.francis it's they're not their 🖕🏻
ollly-greeen ooft shots fired 🔫

user2 omg marnie you look so cute! 🥰

user3 eww they're so fake 😒

user4 hugo is hot af 😍
user5 I completely agree sis, he's stunning 🥵

phoebe_dyerr   omg lol, why is that such a hugo thing to do 😂
marnie.francis   ikr, he believes anything little children tell him! 😂
↳ hugo_jamesson hey, can everyone stop attacking me please and thanks! also where is everyone, you were all meant to be here like half an hour ago, I'm sick of hearing Marnie go on about how hot it is 🙄
phoebe_dyerr dont get ur knickers in a twist, I'm just oustside 🙄😂
ollly-greeen dont worry, the rest of us are almost there! see you in 10!
user6 I wonder what they're doing???


hey guys! here's the second one for
you all! the next one will be a chapter
written from Hugo's perspective of them
planning their attack on valentines day!
excuse my terrible manip please!!!!!!!!!
the characters used in this chapter belong
to brightstaars anti-heroines imweirdbutokay
honeyholland -rvmance adelinesrudolph
thank you guys for reading!


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