Chapter Eleven

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I moved back into Zak's house as Gracie curled up next to me. Zak and I were watching Dracula. It was indeed Bram Stockers. I was curled up with him like Gracie was with me. We kept watching how Dracula was turning Mina even when she was there to be safe from him. It made me think about him and I. Things happen for a reason. Dracula and Mina were together at one point in life and when he saw her, he found his missing piece of himself.

When I was with Zak, I was home. I felt content. I felt like I had everything in the world even if we both went broke. I sighed deeply, throwing my legs over his, watching his hand softly caressing them.

"Baby, what if we were meant to be, like those two?"
"Well, maybe we are, babe."
"You think so?"
"Absolutely," he smiles at me.

He kissed my forehead gently and began rubbing my back. My mind couldn't stop thinking about Holly and TMZ. Why was it bothering me? It was then that my thoughts were interrupted by a knock from the front door. Zak stood up to get it. Opening the door, Holly stood in the other side. She wore a half smile and a low cut shirt with skinny jeans to be added. I rolled my eyes as Gracie stayed by my side.

"Zak, I apologize for the incident with TMZ," she began.
"It's not your fault, Holly. This source has gotten everyone messed up."
"Well, still. I don't want it to mess up your relationship."
"It almost did, Holly. I would introduce you, but I don't think she's fond of you right now."

Holly said it was okay and that she hopes to meet me soon. In all honesty, she may seem like a nice girl, but I have never been fond of playboy bunny's. Even though she left the playboy mansion, I still had bad vibes from her.

As Zak closed the door, he sighed deeply. He rubbed his head and I knew that something was bothering him.

"Everything okay?"
"Why do you hate Holly?"
"Now, hate is such a strong word," I began.
"Mandy," he interrupted. "The truth."
"Okay, okay! Yes, I don't like Holly. I've never liked her. Any playboy bunnies I truly don't like."

He looked at me with his eyebrows narrowed.

"Why?" he asked, hiding the fact that he wanted to argue.
"Zak, I don't thin," I started.
"Tell me!!" He shouted, making me jump.

I rose my hands in surrender.

"Fine. I'll tell you.
"Three years ago, I had an ex-boyfriend who was obsessed with playboy bunnies. One Halloween, he bought me a costume and told me to dress up as a bunny while he dressed up as Hugh. At first, I didn't have a problem with it, but I didn't realize how bad it was. He wanted me to dye my hair blonde because he said it's look "pretty." He wanted my makeup a certain way and I did it.
"I couldn't have tattoos or piercings. I had to look like one of them. He was obsessed with my weight. That Halloween night, we got home and we fucked. I asked him to stop because his grips on my hip were excessively tight. He didn't stop.
"I had to kick him, Zak. It absolutely terrified me. He kept telling me that I was delusional and he wasn't that tight. If that's the case, then why did I have bruises when I got home? Zak, he kept telling me that I was delusional, but I had the proof on my hips. I was sore from him fucking me for almost two weeks and I even went to the doctor.
"Zak, I have nothing against Holly or any playboy bunny. It's just from my past, okay?"

Zak has to sit down to process what I had told him. If he saw the guy, I was unsure of what would happen. Zak then tensed up, squeezing his hands together with an angered and bothered expression. He then looked at me.

"If you ever see him, don't tell me," he said.
"Because I'll hurt him," he replied.

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