Just My Luck (33)

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     Aeress gritted her teeth as she fought against the beastly woman. Standing at over seven feet tall, she was impossible to strike with the impenetrable armor wrapped around her body. 

     "You don't land one hundred hits exactly, you will be running fifty miles, you understand me?" 

     The beastly woman landed a heavy kick to her stomach. Aeress went flying at the impact. She clutched her stomach and coughed violently. The pain was only temporary. That was something she told herself more and more frequently as her time dwindled. "Fuck you, Calvin Klein!" she lashed out at him.

     "In your dreams, Ms. Lupyn, now get off your ass and land twenty more hits!" he shouted back. 

     "Fine, okay!" She screamed, pouncing on the woman, pretending her opponent had light blonde hair and blue eyes and the face of Klein. 

     Another hour passed and Aeress had one more hit to land, but the beast wasn't going to make it easy. As every training session passed, Klein made sure to up the anty each time, throwing harder and harder tasks her way, including men and women who challenged Godhead's ability to the max. This time was no expection, making her perform the impossible. 

     Using the last of her energy, Aeress pushed herself to implicate an offensive strategy instead of a defensive strategy. She attacked like a vicious animal. This ignited a fire within her, expanding and spreading a chaotic energy to the very tips of her fingers and toes. 

     Aeress felt herself physically grow and shift into something different. It didn't hurt, in fact, it felt really good! She felt no fear, but instead embraced the transformation as an inevitable force. 

      The woman was startled and even paused when she saw this take place. Aeress took advantage and lifted her leg high, hitting the helmet on the woman's head. The entire thing flew off, shattering to pieces. 

     The woman stumbled back, and as she was swift in recovery, Aeress got there before her great momentum could return and delivered a heavy punch back by a lot of power to her temple, putting her to sleep. 

     The woman fell back and the thud of her humungous body echoed throughout the high-ceiling room. 

     Aeress kneeled beside her on one knee as exhaustion began to bleed into her bones. She glanced at the knocked out woman and couldn't stop herself as she giggled to herself. Maybe she was crazy. 

     Well done. 

     She stood up. I did nothing. This is all you. 

     Godhead chuckled. You did everything. 

     "Wow," she heard Klein breathe from behind. 

     Aeress stood, turned and felt her body go back to normal. "What now?" She didn't know how to react to the way he stared at her. There was a mix of emotions. "What?" she repeated. 

     "I just realized I am standing in the presense of the mother of all werewolves. You're ready for the trials." He nodded to himself. 

     Aeress smiled and for some reason when he said it, she believed it and was glad that someone had said it to her. "I hope so. Are we done?" 

     He paused. "Yes. I'll see you tomorrow." Klein walked off more quickly than she expected. 


     "I know you're there," Aeress said aloud as she stood by her river. She never noticed before how overpowering his presense was. Even when he was silent, having not said a word or made a movement. "Makes me wonder how many times I didn't know before?"

     He didn't respond for a very long time. "Many." 

     She shivered at his deep voice. It was rough like gravel. Terrifying to some, especially her. She desperately wanted to see his face, but refrained from doing so. "I thought so."

     "You should be training. The trials are the day after tomorrow." 

     She laughed. "Are they really? Damn, I knew I was forgetting something. Turns out becoming a goddess doesn't neccesarily guarentee impecable memory. Just my luck!"  

     He sighed, but she could hear the chuckle he held back. "Still your mouth remains."

     "One of the only remaining things that are still me. Maybe I'm glad for it. You know, losing my frizzy hair was rough enough, but my humor? Forget it." She gestured like she was stabbing herself and even made a wheezing sound for a more comedic effect. 

     "This isn't stand-up comedy you're performing tomorrow, Aeress," he hissed. His voiced deepened with warning. "This is a matter of life and death. Your life if you choose wisely, death if you're foolish."

     She counted to ten. "You don't have to remind me. I've been the one training. I've been busting my ass. I know what's at stake and that my ass isn't the only one on the line! So you don't have to tell me what I should be doing." 

      His footsteps followed. She closed her eyes when his fingerpads skimmed against her hands before travelling up her bare arms. "Don't. Don't do that," Aeress pleaded. 

     "I know," he bit out. But his hands remained on her. And she yearned for more. "Just keep focused. You can do this. I believe you can." 

     She shook her head. "I could die tomorrow, right? It won't be like training." 

     "Yes, but you will triumph. Godhead is within you, she will guide you." He leaned in and she felt his breath on the back of her left ear. 

     "What if I can't triumph? I don't fancy dying again." 

     His grip tightened before he let go altogether. She mourned his touch but would not beg anymore. "Don't you understand? You've been tested since the very beginning. This is just another trial."

     She looked back down at the river. "You saying another battle awaits me? What about the day after that?" 

     "You are Godhead. Suite up." 

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